Three Measures of High Yield on Welsh Onion in Autumn and Winter

After welsh onion colonization, due to the abnormally slow growth of plants with high temperatures, the seedlings are persistent and tolerant, and the plant height and plant weight are reduced without increase. During this period, it is better to avoid drought and dryness. Generally, it is not necessary to water; When inserting green onion, the small hole left after the wooden stick is pulled out, commonly known as the onion eye, is generally reserved, not to be blocked, to make it ventilated and breathable, and to be allowed to blow in the sun and sunlight. Preserving the onion eyes has the effect of preventing root rot caused by water infiltration. During the slow summer, the seedlings are not watered or top-dressed, only shallow cultivators, more loose soil, and timely weeding to improve the ventilation of the soil. Specific high-yield measures:
1. Cultivate soil and cultivate soil is an important management measure for cultivating green onions. Appropriate soil cultivation has the effect of preventing lodging, softening pseudo-stems, and improving light blue yield and quality. Onions should be soiled several times, approximately 4 times, once every half-month from the onion when the onion is 20 centimeters high. Every time the height of earth is raised, the green leaves are not buried, and if the soil is too shallow, the light blue can't be forced to elongate. If too much, it can cause rotten heart. In addition, when you cultivate soil, you must pay attention to: Do ​​not take too wide, too deep, so as not to hurt the root; soil should be photographed to prevent rain or water falling; soil over dry and wet should not be soil; soil should be in the afternoon When the leaves are soft, avoid scratching the leaves in the morning when it is crisp and tender.
2. Topdressing fertilizer in a timely manner will help improve the overall output of Welsh onion. Project: Combine soil, chase and apply 50 kg/mu of farmyard manure in the ditch, or apply 7.5 kg/g of alfalfa calcium to water in the ditch. Generally, it can be applied twice. Watering takes the dry soil on the ridge and the soil in the ditch as the standard, so that dry watering, wet water stoppage, and drainage in case of heavy rain.
3. Pest control green onion diseases mainly include downy mildew, brown spot, and so on, can be used 800 times Tannin solution, Kaize 600 times alternating spray control, and even spray 2 to 3 times is appropriate. Insect pests mainly include horses and crickets. Thrips can be used to control vegetables, nitenpyram, pay attention to the use of silicone additives. The main hazards of wolfberry are light blue, and prevention should be the main method. You can use phoxim to kill leeks on the base of green onions before each cultivation.

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