Excessive taste damages vision

People like to season with MSG and pursue the rich taste of a diet. The tradition of many years has been deeply solidified in the brain. However, do you know? Excessive use of MSG can cause damage to the eyesight of the human body.

With the reform and opening up, when China's dietary culture expands, it often hears that foreign countries criticize MSG for using MSG. It believes that it artificially interferes with the taste of food and has many side effects.

The main component of MSG is sodium glutamate. In the past, it was considered that there was no direct harm to humans. Foreign friends criticized MSG only for its harsh taste. However, in recent years, studies on glutamate have found that too much glutamate enters the body and causes vision damage. This article was first reported by the "New Science" magazine. Researchers at Kanazawa University in Japan found that rats fed a very savory diet had thinner retinas and increased opportunities for visual impairment. The researchers used glutamate to feed the three groups of rats for 6 months and found that rats in the group with high glutamate diet had a 75% thinning of the retina, resulting in decreased vision. The rats in the medium concentration group had less visual impairment. Glutamate enters the body mainly in the vitreous humor of the eye, it destroys retinal cells, reduces the impulse signal of the optic nerve, blinding it.

Japanese expert HIROSHI announced that the concentration in homoglutamic acid foods is 20%. He is not sure how much concentration the limit can actually cause. Glaucoma with normal intraocular pressure in Asia may be associated with hyperglutamate foods. Years of glutamate accumulation explain why normal intraocular pressure glaucoma occurs in the elderly. In the past, it was thought that MSG was harmless and glutamate was harmless to humans. Now it seems that it should be corrected.

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