Regulating light to improve economic benefits of special animals

Illumination is one of the important environmental factors for special animals. It plays a decisive role in the growth and development, breeding and production performance of special animals. Therefore, sufficient attention should be paid to the regulation of light during the breeding process. The following are examples of special animals such as mink and fox.

First, the water

1. Increase the fertility rate of females with females: from December 21st onwards, increase daily light by 1 hour; on January 1st, increase daily by 15-30 minutes, until May 1st of next year, reach daily Lighting 15 hours and 25 minutes.

2. Increase the survival rate of larvae: From the 8th day after the end of breeding, the female pupa light 14.5 hours per day until the litter stops lighting.

3. Promote the early maturation of leech fur in winter: Under natural light conditions, after the autumn equinox, the leech and hair fall off, and the winter hair grows. After that, with the shortening of the sunshine time, after about 70 to 80 days, the winter hair is mature and mature. This is a Short-day response. Regulating lighting is to simulate the shortening of this natural light and accelerate the realization of this short-day response. The specific method: starting from June 21st, with a 40-watt light bulb, daily declining light time, prompting the rapid development of winter hair, about October 6 winter fur mature.

Second, the fox

Promote the fox fur to mature in advance: the fox is a seasonal furry animal, it will grow off the winter hair in the spring and grow hair in the summer, and it will take off the summer hair and grow the winter hair in the autumn. With reference to this pattern, during the long summer sunshine period, daily reduced daylight treatment is applied to promote the growth of winter fur. The fur matures earlier and the skin removal time can be 1 month ahead of schedule, and feed costs and labor costs are reduced.

Third, the deer

Improve pilose antler output: Illumination has a great influence on the growth of pilose antler. Therefore, deer control can be used to control antler growth. The method is: from January 1st to April 5th as the whole process, from 1st to 10th, the daily light is 12 hours; from January 11 to February 15th, the illumination time is gradually increased to 16 hours 12 minutes daily. . In the future, instead of gradually shortening the lighting time until 12 hours per day. Effect: Obviously increase the production of head stalk velvet, second stalk antler is charged 30 days in advance.

Fourth, the beaver

To improve reproduction performance of male and female Japanese coypu. From March to October, it was the breeding season of the coypu. During this season, male and female beaver rats were irradiated with incandescent lamps every night for 2 to 3 hours. Stimulate their anterior pituitary gland, activate and secrete gonadotropins, thereby promoting sperm production in male rats, speeding up oocyte maturation and ovulation, promoting mating, and increasing fertilization rates.

Fifth, turtle

Improve female egg production: Starting from early summer each year, hanging a sun lamp above the turtle pond and turning on the lamp 2 hours before dawn can induce many insects to fly for the female to catch the feed and increase the nutrition. Early autumn. Such light and nutrition can promote the maturation of female follicles, increase the amount of eggs laid, and increase fertility. This method is effective for different species of female turtles.

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