Overworkers want to eat less chili

According to the latest WHO report, neurological diseases have become a major threat to global health. Patients with neurological headaches and dementia have shown an increasing trend and have become the most common diseases of the nervous system. In recent years, neurological headaches have become more common and younger, and Hu Wenli, director of the Department of Neurology at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, is deeply worried. He pointed out that the current overtime working family, who are under great work pressure, has become the main force of neurological headache. Tension and anxiety are the main causes of neurological headache.

Dietary structure has also become an important factor leading to neurological headaches. Director Hu Wenli said that many young people nowadays like to eat Sichuanese food, especially when they eat a spicy meal at dinner, but in the process of eating spicy food, the sympathetic nerves are stimulated, and they are always in an excited state. Excitement, coupled with nervousness during work, is most likely to cause neurological headaches.

For those who regularly work overtime, besides pepper, foods such as coffee and chocolate, which are highly stimulating to nerves, are also best avoided as much as possible. The most reasonable overtime meal is to eat some light vegetables, which can reduce nerve pressure and make you refreshed.

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