Yinlong's characteristics and breeding

The feature is long banded, laterally flat, with a fan-shaped tail, a dorsal fin and buttocks in a ribbon, extending rearward to the base of the tail shank. The lower jaw is more prominent than the upper one and has a pair of short and thick beards. Five rows of large scales are neatly arranged on its large fish body, and the silver light shines under the light. The fins reflect the smooth red or orange luster under the light.
Juveniles have a more blue body color; both back and hips have red-blue edges. Jinlong scales are golden yellow at the edges and golden red. The red dragon's body color is golden yellow, the edges of the scales are golden red, and the mouth and lid are dark red patches, and each fin is dark red. The silver dragon is silvery white. The black dragon's body is silver-white and slightly pale blue-purple. The dragonfly is basket-black: The dragon fish can reach 50-90 cm in length.
Feeding characteristics are robust, fast growing and stupid. Sex ferocious, able to swallow small fish, not mixed with other fish polyculture. It is advisable to use a large aquarium, which should be covered and not covered with sand. Hi weak acidic or neutral soft water, water temperature above 22 °C, the most suitable temperature is 24 ~ 28 °C. It mainly feeds on animal foods.
Breeding characteristics Oviparous, more difficult to reproduce: reproduction of males and females is not difficult to distinguish, male thoracic long-tipped, dark red, female resistance to swelling. Males and females are naturally paired and their spouses are free to choose. Breeding water temperature is appropriate to 27 ~ 28 °C. Put the paired broodstock into a breeding box to keep the environment quiet. After the pro-fishing people box, they swim side by side and ovulate and ejaculate during swimming. After spawning, the male fish will all contain the fertilized eggs in their mouths for hatching, which takes about 1 month. The fertilized eggs in the male fish's mouth can hatch larvae with yolk sac, and then they can swim for about 8 days. Feeding. As long as conditions are right, eggs can be laid regardless of season. 5 to 6 years reach sexual maturity, life is generally 18 years. Arowana is an ancient species, also known as "living fossils" with extremely high ornamental value and academic value.

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