How to identify assembled and refurbished motor vehicles

When a peasant friend purchases a motor vehicle, he or she must master the basic methods of identifying the assembled and refurbished motor vehicle. First, the assembled vehicle. Assembled vehicles are based on scrapped motor vehicles, with a large number of old parts, plus some new parts, and illegally assembled motor vehicles. After a simple painting process, they are shoddy and harm consumers. The assembled motor vehicle has the following features: 1. In the chassis part, especially the walking system, old parts can be found. 2. There is no factory certificate, even if the certificate is provided, there are traces of alteration, or there is no product inspection certificate of the manufacturer and the seal of the inspector on the certificate, or the serial number of the certificate is inconsistent with the stencil number of the engine and frame. 3. There is no formal sales invoice for the company. If purchased in the motor vehicle production area, the counterfeiter cannot provide the manufacturer's formal sales invoice. Second, the refurbished vehicles. Some long-term backlogs of poor quality motor vehicles are rusting. Dealers generally repaint and disguise themselves before selling them. Buyers should pay attention to two observations: 1. Look at the nameplate. Vehicles that have been delivered soon have a clear nameplate and bright plating. If it is found on the nameplate that there are traces of paint coverage, it means that the spray layer is sprayed on later, belonging to a quality, backlog of vehicles. 2. In some conspicuous places, two different colors of paint can be found. If you gently brush with a fingernail, you can see the upper and lower paint layers, it shows that it is a refurbished vehicle. The above basic methods for identifying the assembled and refurbished agricultural locomotives are available for reference. Please be sure to pay attention to consumers when purchasing, and do not be deceived.

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