How to control the emergence of wheat seedlings

After wheat sowing, due to the influence of natural conditions and cultivation measures, various abnormal color seedlings are often formed. In order to facilitate the management of seedlings and symptomatic diseases, they are introduced as follows: The reasons for yellowing of yellow leaf seedlings: First, soil drought. This situation occurs most often in wheat fields where there is not enough ground or runs through the wind. Its characteristics are: childbirth is born slowly, leaves are grayish green, heart leaves are short, growth is slow or stagnant (the masses call it "squeezing the heart"), the middle and lower leaves turn yellow and dry, and the roots are small and thin. Management points: In conjunction with watering, 15 kg of ammonium bicarbonate is applied per acre; the second is nitrogen deficiency. Seedlings are thin and erect, with fewer tillers and shorter and shorter leaves. The lower leaves start from the tips of the leaves and gradually become yellow and dry and develop toward the upper leaves. Management points: 7 to 8 kilograms of urea per acre, or 20 to 25 kilograms of ammonium bicarbonate, or 600 to 700 kilograms of human waste, applied between the rows or on the water; Due to the lack of soil in the soil, the roots are difficult to spread, resulting in short yellow wheat leaves and the lack of timely delivery. Management points: watering in time, then cultivating deep soil, in order to remove the rigid layer; Fourth, the broadcast volume is too large. Its performance is seedling growth crowded, competing with each other, competing for fat, competing for water, plant yellow thin, thin and weak. Management points: First, pay attention to sparse seedlings, especially the “headings” in the fields, fields, and fields, and early sparse, sparsely drowning, combined with watering, topdressing with a small amount of nitrogen and phosphorus fast-acting fertilizers to make up for the excessive consumption of soil nutrients. , to promote wheat seedlings from weak to strong; five is insect pests. Damage to wheat worms or red spiders can also cause yellowing of wheat leaves. Management points: The discovery of harm, timely use 40% omethoate 1500 ~ 2000 times liquid spray. Red leaf seedlings form the cause of the red leaf seedlings: First, the stains. In the autumn, when there is too much rain or low-yield wheat fields, damage will occur to the leaves, causing the leaves to turn reddish, and severely killing the roots. Management points: timely drainage in addition to the ditch to remove water, and topdressing a small amount of quick-impact fertilizer, promote seedlings early onset; second is the lack of phosphorus. Wheat seedlings are deficient in phosphorus, their roots are poorly developed, their secondary roots are weak and weak, their leaf color is dark green, their leaves and leaf sheaths are purple, the plants are thin and small, the tillering period is delayed, the number of tillers is reduced, and even the pods are not distributed. Management points: Combine ploughing and loose soil, using 20-30 kg of superphosphate per acre. Applying water to the ditch or pouring water between rows will provide better results as early as possible. Third, it will damage the salt and alkali. Saline-alkali-damaging plots often appear as patches of purple-colored “little old seedlings,” and seedlings die when they die. Management points: timely delineation and warming, breaking the consolidation, inhibiting the return of salt, and timely application of winter fertilizer, and promote hair strong seedlings. When the late spring wheat rises, it combines topdressing and irrigation to press salt; fourth, it is frozen. In winter, when the temperature suddenly drops below 0°C, the freezing of the wheat seedlings will also make the leaves red. Management points: Combine ploughing and ramming soil to encircle the roots, and apply 75 to 100 kg of ash per acre. If necessary, when wheat enters the overwintering period, apply a layer of “warm ditch manure” along the ridge to protect the seedlings safely for the winter. When the purple leaf seedlings are deficient in boron, the stems and leaves are hypertrophied and the leaves are purple. The formation of "Purple leaf seedlings", serious late "ear but not smashing", a great impact on the yield. Management points: 150-200 grams of borax per acre, and the appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphate fertilizer with water pouring, or 50-100 grams per acre with borax, 50-60 kg of water spray on the foliage. When the brown seedlings were deficient in potassium, the plants grew slowly, the roots developed poorly, and they were perishable. The leaves were dark green or blue-green, and were covered with soft undergrowth. The tips and edges of the brown seedlings were brown and then browned to form a "brown leaf seedling." Management points: Use 15 kg of potassium sulfate per acre, or 100 kg of plant ash, follow the application of a trench between the rows, or spray them with 0.2-0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. When the white wheat seedlings are deficient in zinc, lobular disease occurs, and the leaf margins are distorted or shrunk. The veins on both sides turn green from yellow to white, and yellow, white, and green striped bands appear on the edges, forming a “yellow-white seedling”. Management points: 1 kilogram of zinc sulfate per mu, 15 to 20 kilograms of fine dry soil or organic fertilizer, applied in rows, the sooner the better, or the foliar spraying with 0.1 to 0.2% zinc sulfate solution.

Rice soup is also called rice oil. It is a layer of porridge oil that is condensed on the pot when it is served with fine rice porridge or dried rice. Rice soup is sweet and sweet, it can nourish yin and have a good nourishing effect.
The best rice soup should be made with the unsalted rice and the aleurone layer. The nutrition and health care function will be the strongest. With the current refined rice, the effect will not be obvious, especially after the panning. It`s even less nutritious.

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