Pest-free pest control

The growth cycle of leeks is short, and diseases and insect pests are more difficult to control. In some places, excessive use of highly toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers is abused. As a result, leek pesticide residues are severely exceeded, and pesticide poisoning events occur from time to time, which have a great impact on leek production efficiency. In this country, how to adopt the harmless pest control technology of leeks, it is particularly important to produce pollution-free quality leeks. Now we introduce pest control techniques for pollution-free production of leeks as follows. First, choose the surrounding pollution-free soil cultivation of leeks to adapt to a wide range of soil, with deep soil, fertile, fertility and strong water holding clay in the loam suitable for growth. At the same time, it is necessary to select a plot of land that is free of industrial and mining resources, such as industrial mines and hospitals within 2 km. The ambient air quality around the base meets environmental protection standards, and the quality of the water used to irrigate leeks must meet the quality standards for water pollution-free agricultural products. Second, the selection of fine varieties of protected land cultivation, winter and spring production of alfalfa yellow, indigo green, should use strong cold tolerance, strong accumulation of nutrients, pseudo-stem diameter, wide blade, high yield and high quality Sui Bao F1 varieties, adult plants 55 cm high, leaves Wide and deep green hypertrophy, strong resistance to disease, high temperature and humidity resistance, very little crude fiber, spicy spicy flavor, good commercial quality, resistance to storage and transportation. The production of barley in open field should use the new varieties of weak winter with strong cold resistance, strong growth, high yield and no dormancy period. Third, the prevention and control of pests and diseases 1, the spring prevention and control of leeks in the spring occurs less, but the pests are heavier. The main pests are late-spotted mosquitoes (Cockroaches), onion land fly species, gray ground species flies (grasshoppers), onion minstrel moth (Lepidoptera moth) and so on. The main diseases are fair disease, gray mold and so on. The main methods for chemical control include: 1 to 2 days after the harvest of leek from late March to late April. Use 10% of Green Harvest granules per acre for 40-50 kilograms of fine soil and spread it along the ridge; or Use 50% of phoxim 0.5-1 kg per acre, or 80% of 708 kg of larvae, or 90% of crystal trichlorfon 0.5-1 kg, or 20% of chrysanthemum EC 0.1 kg, or 1% Matrine alcohol 0.1 kg, 200-300 kg of water, along the ridge uniform pouring. The method of preventing and controlling white leeks and cinerea in spring is 50% Daisen ammonium 800-1000 times liquid or pentachlorophenol sodium 2000-3000 times liquid, spraying along the ridge before each harvesting; or 80% Carbendazim wettable powder 600 times, or 50% fast Skeleton, or 50% Nylon, or 50% Phain wettable powder 1000-1500 times, or 70% Thiophanate can be Wet powder 500 times spray. The above prevention methods also apply to the conservation cultivation of leek in winter. 2. The pests that control summer leek in summer are mainly leeks, eyes, larvae, onion flies, fly seeds, and onions. The alkaloid 2000 times liquid was sprayed once every 10 days or so. Diseases that are likely to occur in summer are mainly grey mold, disease, rust, sclerotinia, purple spot and anthrax. For Botrytis cinerea and Sclerotinia, in the initial stage of the disease, 80% carbendazim WP is sprayed 600 times, 50% Sulfamethoxazole, 50% Prussian, or 50% Nonginner WP 1000-1500 Double fluid. For rust with 15% triazophos wettable powder 2000 times or 50% Versalling EC 700-800 times, 70% mancozeb wettable powder 1000 times plus 15% triazole copper wettable powder 2000 times Liquid for prevention and treatment. For disease, downy mildew, onion purple spot can be used 90% triethyl aluminum phosphate wettable powder 400-500 times, or 75% chlorothalonil wettable powder 600 times, or 65% antivirus WP. For summer pest control methods, see spring pest control methods.

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