Winter mulberry field pests and diseases

Most of the mulberry pests are lurking in the trunk, deciduous soil and dormant winters, and the pathogens stop breeding. At this time, disease prevention and pest control is the best period and can effectively eliminate it. 1. Qingyuan Sweeping Winter Plowing. Many pathogens and pests that damage mulberry trees are overwintering in fallen leaves and weeds, becoming new pests and diseases in the following year. Therefore, we must clean up the fallen leaves and weeds in the mulberry field and concentrate them to burn or burn them. Through the deep plowing of the mulberry field in winter, the pests (mulberry mulcher, beetle, etc.) hiding in the soil to prepare for the winter of their mature larvae can be turned out of the ground to allow the birds to feed or freeze. 2. Prune trees, scrape dry and white. In winter, dry branches, dead piles, and weak branches are cut off, which can eliminate Mulberry, mulberry, and mulberry diseases. Cutting about 1/4 of the top of the shoots can eliminate a large number of mulberry mosquitoes. Controlling and destroying dead mulberry trees affected by mulberry atrophy, mulberry purple feather disease, and nematode nematode disease. In wintertime, scraping of egg pieces, diseased classes, and pellicles on trunks or shoots with bamboo or blades is extremely effective in preventing and controlling mulberry scale insects and mulberry brown diseases. White paint after shaving. The formula for the whitening agent is: 10-12 parts of quicklime, 2 parts of clay, 36-40 parts of water, 2 parts of lime sulfur stock solution, and 1-2 parts of salt. The above substances are dissolved and mixed, poured into the lime sulfur mixture and the clay, and can be painted white after mixing, and the coating amount is not downstream. 3. Induced by tying grass, real plug hole. When the density of overwintered larvae was large during the year, a large number of larvae drooped and drooped before doing the overwintering. The mulberry trunks were affixed to the trunks to trap and kill mulberry worms and mulberry caterpillars. In the following year, the grass was concentrated and burned. Lime and clay are used to prepare a paste to plug the trunk cracks and boring holes so that the latent overwintering pests cannot climb out. 4. Manual picking, barbed spray. The mulberry pests such as big moths and small moths are hanging on the branches in winter and the insects can be removed manually. In the case of branch pests such as Mulberry, the wormhole can be enlarged and inserted with wire or crochet hooks to spur the larvae. Spraying 1% of Bordeaux mixture or 2 to 3 degrees lime sulfur mixture around the mulberry field to seal the garden can kill the remaining pests.

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