Prevention and treatment of common diseases in pepper

I. Viral Disease Symptoms Due to the different types of poisonous sources, the symptoms of the virus are different. The symptoms include light mosaics, heavy mosaics, yellowing, necrosis, and malformations. 1. Mild chlorosis of light mosaic disease at the beginning of the vein is slightly chlorotic, or dense and light green and mottled. The diseased plant has no obvious deformity or dwarf, no defoliation, and no deformed leaves. 2. In addition to chlorotic mottles, heavy-duty mosaics are also characterized by leaf vein shrinkage malformation, uneven leaf surface, or linear leaves, slow growth, thin and dark lines with different shades, and severe dwarfing. 3. Yellowing leaves are significantly yellow and deciduous. 4. The necrotic tissue becomes brown and necrotic or shows stripe spots, necrotic mottle, ring spots, and dead spots of growing points. 5. Malformation of the diseased plant strain, the phenomenon of malformation, such as the leaves into a linear leaf, that is, fern leaves; or plant dwarf, branching very much, was plexiform. In the production of pepper, several symptoms often occur at the same time, causing the "three-fall" phenomenon of falling leaves, falling flowers and falling fruit, which seriously affects the yield and quality of pepper. Second, transmission methods Pepper virus transmission of the main ways there are two, one is the spread of insects, such as locust transmission; the other is contact with the spread, such as mechanical friction, human contact. Rely on insects to spread the virus is mainly cucumber mosaic virus, and tobacco mosaic virus mainly by mechanical friction, human contact spread, pepper seeds and soil can also spread the virus, but not the main route of transmission. III. Onset conditions The incidence of pepper virus disease is related to climatic conditions and the density of aphids. Under the conditions of high temperature, drought, and strong sunlight, the ability of peppers to resist disease is reduced, and the occurrence and reproduction of aphids are also promoted, resulting in a cayenne virus. Severe disease occurs; the incidence of pepper is very late in colonization or planted on low-lying, soil-inferior plots; the incidence is also serious with continuous planting of solanaceous vegetables; the disease resistance among pepper varieties is also not the same, generally sharp pepper The incidence rate is lower and the incidence of sweet peppers is higher. Fourth, chemical control 1. Grams of disease Ling: The use of active ingredients per acre 34.5 ~ 52.5 grams, spray. 2. Mycotoxin: Use 187.5 to 281.25 grams of active ingredient per acre, or 166 to 250 μl/liter of spray. 3. Gold Ye Bao: Use 200-250 grams of active ingredients per acre, spray. 4. Ningnanmycin: Use 90-125 grams of active ingredient per acre, spray. 5. Wowo virus fear: 400-600 grams of active ingredients per acre, spray.

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