Fruit high humidity preservation technology

The breeding and promotion of new fruit varieties, the popularization and application of new cultivation techniques have enabled the fruit production to flourish, and fruit preservation has become an urgent problem to be solved. The direct correlative factor of fruit freshness is the amount of water dispersed in the fruit. When the water dispersal volume accounts for 3% to 5% of the fruit weight, the freshness of the fruit is severely reduced, and the amount of water dispersal of the fruit is related to the environment where the fruit is located, such as temperature and humidity. The new cold-storage equipment developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries' fruit research department can store fruits in low-temperature and high-humidity environments, which greatly prolongs the number of fresh-keeping days of fruits, and overcomes the shortcomings of previous equipment that can only form low-temperature, low-humidity environments. At present, it has been promoted and applied in Japan. The new type of cold storage device is called a cold heat radiation type cold storage device, compared with the previous air-cooled type cold storage device. The new type of cold storage equipment adopts the cold water circulation inside the wall to create a temperature difference between the whole wall and the fruit in the equipment and perform radiation exchange. This is different from the air circulation in the air-cooled refrigerating device that uses fan rotation to force heat exchange with the cooler. cooling method. The greatest advantage of cold and heat radiant refrigeration equipment is that the temperature and relative humidity in the equipment can be controlled artificially, and can maintain a certain level, and can form a good storage environment with high humidity, low temperature, and no wind. The cherry variety “Shan Xia Jin” was placed in two different cold storage devices for the cold storage test. The temperature was set at 0° C. The test was conducted on June 20 and the fruit weight was measured once every 3 days. From June 20th to July 15th, the ratio of water-dispersed hair to fruit weight was 3% for cherry “Shan Xia Jin” in cold and heat radiation devices, and the water dispersal ratio was nearly 20% in air-cooled devices. . Other types of fruit are stored in these two different devices, and there are almost as significant differences in fresh-keeping effects. Pears with high moisture contents, stored in an air-cooled device, have their freshness significantly reduced within a few days, and most of them are creased on the surface; however, they are stored in a radiation-type device, even for a period of one month. There is a problem of reduced freshness. High-quality grapes are susceptible to fruit atrophy, fruit stems, and browning of spikes when stored in an air-cooled device. It is difficult to find this phenomenon within 2 months of storage in a radiation-type device. Therefore, the promotion and application of cold and heat radiation storage devices is a major advancement in fruit preservation technology, which will play a positive role in promoting fruit production.

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