Stork's storage technology

Stored lotus roots should be carefully selected for disease-free wounds. The texture should be solid and the fleshy meat should be thick and the water-less underground stems should be washed. You can dig shallow pits indoors and cover them with straw or mud. Or in the storage for sand stratification, the surface cover sand 5 to 10 cm. The coverage should not be too thin, otherwise the bulb on the surface layer can easily dehydrate. If the humidity is too high, rooting and mildew are easy. According to the experiment, dry sand was buried in the freezer at 5-7°C (finally, 11°C) and in ordinary underground rooms (9-14°C in winter and 23-25°C in summer), and there was no obvious difference between the two. The effect of closed storage with plastic bags is not as good as sand burying, and it is prone to mildew, rooting and browning.

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