Joint No. 3 Maize High Yield Cultivation Technology

Joint No. 3 is a late-mature, large-spike, high-yielding new maize variety. The cultivation of high yield in our province generally yields more than 600 kilograms per mu, and the typical yield per mu exceeds 700 kilograms. According to the trial survey, the combination of No. 3 production per mu above 600 kg level field corn yield and structure indicators, planting 2800 per acre, plant height of 260 cm or more, transplanting about 240 cm. The ear height is 105 to 110 cm, the number of leaves is 18 to 20, and stem diameter is 2.6 cm. Plant height and ear height are basically the same. Field disease is light and there are few pests. When mature, the leaves above the ear position and above the ear position appear green. The ear length is 20-25 cm, the ear thickness is 5.5 cm or more, the number of ear rows is 18 or more, the number of rows is more than 40 grains, and the grain weight is about 300 grams. Joint No. 3 is a large-ear corn type, which has a large reservoir capacity. Therefore, expanding storage capacity and increasing the capacity of sources and streams are the key to winning high yields. The so-called library refers to the ear, the source refers to the photosynthetic nutrients, and the stream refers to the transport of nutrients. These own genetic characteristics are directly affected by the external environment. Therefore, for the unity of the No. 3 plant, the size, source and fluency of the plant should be the same. In terms of cultivation measures, it should focus on promoting the good development of plant individuals and reducing the external adverse effects. First, soil selection. Joint No. 3 is a medium-late late-maturing and high-yielding corn variety with large spikes. It can be grown in fertile soils or under conditions with watering conditions. It can enhance the ability of water supply and fertilizer supply in the middle and later periods, and can reduce the impact of drought on the source and flow in the middle and later periods. Get high yields. It is difficult to obtain high yields when planting on thin, drought-prone land. Second, appropriate sparse planting. According to the investigation of joint No. 3 planting 2600 to 2800 per acre, individual development is good, the ear is large, baldness is light, and the size of the ear in Tanaka and Tanabe are basically the same and the yield is high. When the planting density exceeds 3000, the shade is heavier and the individual development is hindered. The size of the Tanaka plant is different from the ear size, the bald roof is increased, and even empty culm phenomenon occurs, which prevents high yield. If the planting density is less than 2600 plants, although the individual development is excellent, the deficiency of the effective ear cannot be compensated, and it is difficult to obtain high yield. Third, broadcast all seedlings. One prominent feature of corn is that during plant growth, individuals compete with each other more fiercely than other crops, eating too much, strong eating and weak phenomenon. All seedlings are sown in order to ensure uniform seedlings in the field, which can effectively ensure the number of basic seedlings per acre and also enable the plants to grow in a balanced manner. This prevents the plants from eating too much and eating too much, resulting in a high and low growth of corn in the field. The ear height is consistent with the mature period. In production, once the emergence of seedlings and seedlings is not possible and the seedlings cannot be planted once again, the growth and development of the plants are always in a weak position. The plants are dwarf, the ear is small, and even empty stalks, which seriously affects the yield. In addition to the use of qualified seeds, all seedlings in the broadcast must pay attention to five points in technical measures. One is timely sowing. Xiangzhongnan March 25th to early April, northwest Hunan to the end of March to early April to sow sunny days. Plastic film mulching cultivation transplanting can be sown 7 to 10 days earlier, but to avoid blind early sowing. The second is to increase the amount of sowing. To ensure seed sowing of 2 seeds per hole can prevent seedlings from cutting off seedlings. The third is to avoid direct contact with fertilizers. Fourth, cover seeds can not be too thick, generally covering 3.3 to 5 cm. The third is to keep the soil loose and moist without watering. Fourth, scientific fertilization. The total amount of corn required for fertilizer is slightly higher than that of rice. In general, for every 100 kg of grain produced, 2.8 to 3 kg of pure nitrogen, 0.8 kg of phosphorus pentoxide, and 1.5 kg of potassium oxide are required. According to local experience, the combined fertilization requirements for the No. 3 production of 600 kg per mu are as follows: During the site preparation, Mushi applied 1500-2000 kg of farmland high-quality soil miscellaneous fertilizers, and applied three yuan (N, P, K, and 15% each) 40 kg compound fertilizer as base fertilizer to increase soil fertility and fertilizer supply capacity. Early Miao Miao. The self-nutrition of corn seed is basically exhausted by the 3 leaf stage, and nutrients are extracted from the soil. At the same time, the growth of Joint No. 3 at the seedling stage was relatively slow and it was necessary to promote seedling growth. Therefore, the seedlings are topped off early in the period of seedlings or after seedlings so as to promote the robust growth of the seedlings. Generally in the 3 to 4 leaf stage, the latest 5 leaves per acre topdressing 10 kg of urea. Heavy ear fertilizer. After the Joint No. 3 full-leaf leaf has reached 10 to 11 leaves, it is the period in which the various organs of the plant begin to rapidly differentiate. At this time, adequate supply of nutrients, especially nitrogen nutrition, is required. Therefore, the re-application of nitrogen fertilizer is crucial for enhancing the role of library, source, and fluency. The top dressing is generally applied to 20-25 kg of urea per mu. Fifth, strengthen training. It mainly focuses on the healthy growth and good development of individual plants, and measures to avoid or reduce the adverse effects of external factors on the reservoir, source, and flow. The first is the timing of Miao Dingmiao. Between the 3rd and 4th leaf stage, the seedlings begin to grow, leaving the robust seedlings to thin and thin seedlings. 4 to 5 leaf stage Dingmiao, leaving 1 strong seedlings per hole. The second is to prevent and control pests in a timely manner. Before the jointing after the jointing, when the rate of Rhizoctonia solani is about 30%, use the Jinggangmycin 2 package per acre to spray 20 kilograms of water on the lower part of the plant. During the big bell mouth period, when 3% to 5% of the plant's heart appeared with small spotted worms, the young larvae of the corn borer began to be harmed. At this time, 50 ml of water per 40 lbs. Furan Dan 1.5 kilograms of dried fine earth cake leaves. The third is the timely cultivation of earthworms. Corn jointing with deep cultivator after the jointing of the soil to cultivate earthworms promotes the occurrence of aerial roots and strengthens lodging resistance. The fourth is auxiliary pollination. During the flourishing season, every day from 9 to 10 am, the maize plants are rushed to carry out artificial auxiliary pollination for 2 to 3 consecutive times, which can improve the seed setting rate and reduce baldness. The fifth is drought. At the late stage of corn growth, our province often has the threat of high temperature and drought. Where conditions permit, furrow irrigation or irrigation should be conducted in a timely manner to ensure that the ear is grouted and matured. Sixth, avoid barley harvest. When most of the ears of the ear turned yellow, the flag grain was fully ripe and the weight of the harvested grains was the largest. Barley harvested, the grain failed to mature, the yield was significantly reduced. (Senior Agronomist, Hunan Agriculture Department)

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