Inoculation can be said that the three methods of mushroom production

Dense inoculation: increase the turf of the fungus, the germinating point of the bacteria area is large, the mycelium can be made to penetrate the eucalyptus in a relatively short period of time. The gas exchange between eucalyptus and the outside world mainly depends on absorbing and evaporating water. The alternating water movement between wet and dry can make the interior of the eucalyptus wood get enough oxygen to make the hyphae go deep into the eucalyptus to accelerate the maturation of the eucalyptus and reduce the infection by the bacterium. Chance. Deep inoculation: the deeper of the seed points is more predatory, which is beneficial to enhance the drought resistance and reduce the stimulation of the seed block at the bottom of the seed hole by the outside temperature difference. The mycelium in the species will germinate rapidly under constant temperature and humidity, and the survival rate will be improved. Deeply hit the hole to increase the depth of the wood's tangential direction, so that the hyphae absorb more nutrients, and the output will be greatly improved. Early inoculation: Under low temperature conditions, the density of spores in air is small and the activity is low, so it is not easy to germinate into mycelium, while the mycelium of shiitake mushroom can be planted under low temperature conditions, and it has strong resistance, strong mycelium growth, and survival. The rate is high.

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