Wheat field interplanting horn pepper

Farmers in Huangjian Town, Sheyang County, interplanted Yangjiaojiao between beer and barley lines, generally producing more than 3,000 kilograms of fresh red peppers per mu, with an output value of around 3,000 yuan. Site preparation is 4.8 meters wide and 20 cm wide. Each row is planted with 4 double rows of shofar peppers, 50 cm from a small row, 70 cm from a large row, and intertwined with a beer barley. Select varieties According to market demand, choose the right variety, the quality of peppers such as xianjiao and zhaotianjiao is good, but the output is not high. If the local does not form a scale, it is not suitable for planting at a high price; the production of oxeye pepper is high, but it is not appropriate. Dry, the market demand is not luxuriant; Zhangzhou Yangjiaojiao, Sichuan 2 gold bars and other medium Yang Jiaojia pepper, spicy taste, suitable for pickled and dried, the market demand is large, the price is relatively stable. Cultivate strong seedlings in combination with ploughing seedbeds to apply organic manure, apply 200 g of cotton seedbed fertilizer per square meter, and plant seedlings of 7 cm in diameter in late March to sow 3 to 4 seeds per pod. Before sowing, the seeds are dried for 1 to 2 days, and the seeds are put into warm water of 55° C. and stirred for 12 minutes after stirring for 10 minutes. After sowing, the cover soil was 1 cm thick, and a small amount of phorate-containing phosphorus was used to prevent and control underground pests. After emergence and time seedlings, 2 shoots per shoot were planted. When the seedling height is 10 cm, a small amount of cotton seedlings are used to control the growth. At the same time, to strengthen the management of bed temperature, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 32 °C. One week before planting, the film was unrolled gradually. Before transplanting, the transplanted plots of the solanaceous fruits were not planted. Each 1,000 kilos of livestock manure per hectare of manure and 15 kg of monoammonium phosphate. After the site preparation, 50% of acetochlor 70 ml plus 40 kg of water per acre is removed, and a film is placed on the mulch with a distance of 32 cm. Planting, 3500 holes per acre, 2 per hole. When the fruit is managed after planting, 10 kg of urea and appropriate amount of potassium sulfate are applied per acre, and then 10 kg of urea is applied every 3 weeks for a total of 4 treatments. Every time fertiliser is applied, the roots are planted; the lodging is prevented. The roots of shofar peppers are shallow and should not be squatted. When the fruit is bright red, it is picked in batches, generally once a week, once in case of rainy weather, picking it once every 3 to 4 days. In the late period, the growth was too prosperous, and 2 grams per acre was used for the reduction. Get green peppers promptly before frost. Prevention and treatment of pests and seedlings with thiophanate-methyl, aluminum phosphine to prevent anthrax, powdery mildew and disease. In the middle and later stages, Wei Shen, Zhi Ling Ling, and potassium permanganate are used to prevent viral diseases and blight. In the prevention and treatment of diseases, appropriate amounts of dichlorfon, imidacloprid, and phoxim are added to the drug solution to treat aphids, mites, ground tigers, corn borers, and cotton bollworms.

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