Carp tips for winter

After the reduction of oxygen in the water, in order to maintain normal metabolism, the fish had to inhale more water in order to breathe more oxygen. However, more water intake will affect the balance of salt in their bodies and increase physiological pressure. Therefore, in order to maintain a normal physiological balance, most fish do not maintain normal physiological activity in the winter by increasing the respiratory rate, but automatically weaken the respiration and the metabolism begins to slow down. As a result, many fish have become slower in the winter and some fish have even begun to hibernate.
However, biologists have found that carp is still active in winter, even under the ice. Is there any secret of winter for squid? some. Scientists have recently discovered that squids have weathered severe winters with squiggles. The discovery of this mystery was by the biologist Jorland De Soder of the University of Oslo, Norway. He put some squid in a tank with oxygen levels below normal, and observed that the squid's beak had a strange deformation. The silk cracks, so that the entire surface area of ​​the breathing becomes larger. Solidt measured the surface area of ​​the surface of the eel's cockroach actually increased by 7.5 times the normal value. It can be seen that the deformation ability of the cod cod cod is quite strong, which is also an important reason for the vitality of cod cod. We often find in the fish market that even if there are a large number of cod fish, they are not easy to die, and other fish are more likely to die of hypoxia, this is because the eel is good at deformation.
Is it true that only the eel of eel can be deformed? This is not yet certain, but scientists have only discovered that this species has this ability. So some biologists proposed that if the genes for the cracking of the cod fish wire were studied and transplanted to other fish to produce genetically modified fish that can split the silk, perhaps freshwater fish farms do not have to make fish. It was a big headache to spend the cold winter.

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