Five factors affecting the grinding fineness of the mill

Five factors affecting the grinding fineness of the mill:

1. Raw ore hardness

Different ores have different hardnesses. This factor is fixed relative to the same ore and cannot be adjusted. However, in the production, under the premise of the mineral processing technology requirements, reasonable ore distribution can be carried out, the ore size can be made as uniform as possible, and the block and powder mineral ratio is reasonable and stable.

2, the size of the crushed particle size, the adjustment of the sieve mesh hole

The ball miller must supervise the crushing system. If the particle size of the mill is changed during the production, it must be reflected to the crushing workshop immediately. The final requirement is that the finer the particle size, the finer the better.

3, classifier opening height, size

In many concentrating plants, because the size of the opening of the classifier in the installation of the equipment has not been adjusted, and the workers are not paying attention to the operation process, the invisible also affects the grinding operation.

4, classifier blade wear

After the blade is worn, the amount of sand return is reduced, which causes the grinding fineness to become thicker. In addition, if the blade is worn out, the life of the classifier will be affected. Therefore, the blade wear condition is checked in time and the worn blade is replaced in time. Milling machine speed, classifier speed, classifier impeller spacing: fixed at the time of purchase of the mill, pay attention to the consultation at the time of purchase.

5, the grader spindle lifting height

Normal normal production requires the grader spindle to be in place. Some ore dressing mills have not cleaned the ore in the classifier after the equipment has been overhauled. Under the long-term sinking, the mud sinks more. When the grader spindle is lowered, the spindle is not completely lowered because it is not careful. , resulting in less sand than normal. In addition, if the spindle is not lowered, it may be because the spindle has not been cleaned and oiled for a long time, so pay attention to it during the operation.