Winter raising rabbit "ten points"

Low winter temperatures, lack of light, and lack of green fodder cause inconvenience to rabbits. To do this, we must do a good job of keeping and keeping warm and keeping warm, and the main points are as follows:

Overhauling rabbit houses to prevent cold and warmth Generally, the building of a rabbit house should be moved from north to south. Before going into the winter, it is necessary to conduct a general inspection of the rabbit house to timely repair the leak and prevent the cold wind from invading the rabbit body. The optimum growth temperature for rabbits is 10°C to 25°C. According to experimental reports, at a temperature of 10°C, if the wind is blown at a wind speed of 3m/s, the temperature will drop to 0°C quickly. Therefore, the indoor air flow should be controlled during the winter to keep the temperature of the rabbit house at 5°C to 10°C and to make it less susceptible to changes in the outside air temperature.

Dehumidification and dehumidification ensure that rabbits prefer a warm, dry environment. In winter, the rabbithouse is closed tightly, and it is prone to dampness in the house. This is not conducive to keeping warm, and it can easily cause respiratory diseases, skin diseases and other diseases. Therefore, if the ground is wet, some grass ash or quicklime can be sprinkled, which can dehumidify the tide and facilitate disinfection and warmth.

Increase the amount of bedding and increase the temperature of the bedding. The bedding has the function of absorbing moisture, dehumidifying, warming, and absorbing harmful gases. In winter, to increase the temperature of the rabbit house, some soft bedding can be added to the rabbit bed, and the sun should be frequently turned or replaced. Cold and warm.

Adjusting diets to provide enough fodder for low temperatures increases the consumption of calories in rabbits. Therefore, the dietary supply for rabbits in winter should generally increase by 20% to 30%. In particular, some high-energy feeds such as corn bran, wheat bran, and garam should be added. Potatoes, etc.; feeding frequency and feeding amount should be appropriately increased, after 9 o'clock in the evening should be fed once again to supplement cold consumption. Dietary green feed should be no less than 30%, such as cabbage, carrots, radish leaves, etc. to provide more vitamins. At the same time, enough fodder should be stocked to prevent snow from freezing.

To create conditions, do a good job of winter and winter, make the activities of female rabbits significantly reduced, estrus breeding is easily overlooked. In order to make the winter season, the temperature of the rabbit house should be kept above 10°C. It is necessary to feed the full-price feed as much as possible, and appropriate amounts of green feed and vitamin C should be fed. There should be no feed and no single feed. The breeding time for the winter rabbits is preferably after October of the Lunar New Year, with no wind at noon or sooner or later. It has been reported that in winter, before sunrise or after sunset, it is the season of rabbit sexual function, and it is also the best time for mating. At this time, breeding is most susceptible to fertilization. In addition, in order for the female rabbits to have more fetuses and have multiple births, mating methods such as “double-matching” and “combination” can be adopted in order to increase the chance of conception.

Meticulous management, to ensure the survival of the winter In order to improve the survival rate of young rabbits, plastic film greenhouses, semi-underground rabbit houses or mother rabbits can be used for separate management. better. It should be noted that colostrum must be eaten within 4 to 6 hours after birth. In the event that individual female rabbits do not breastfeed, compulsory breastfeeding may be carried out: the female rabbits are bred by hand and the puppies are placed next to their nipples for feeding. Such 1 day to 2 days can gradually develop habits and transfer to normal breastfeeding. For a small number of deciduous or female rabbits that have died and their physique is debilitated, they can be fed cows' or goats' milk or they can be fostered in another way. After 20 days of littering, the lactating volume of the female rabbit has reached a peak, and the growth and development of the young rabbit is very fast. Breast milk is far from meeting the nutritional needs. The young rabbit should start feeding before and after 18 days of birth: for example, cooked soybeans. Bean curd residue, tender green leaves, etc. Should be less than to make up, fed up to 5 times a day to 6 times.

Timely shearing and strengthening of nursing The winter is a season when the long-haired rabbits are producing good hair. It is necessary to seize the opportunity and when the rabbit hair grows to a standard, choose to seize the opportunity to cut the hair on sunny days. In order to take care of the rabbit itself to keep warm, it is necessary to take long and short hair when cutting the hair, so as to avoid the rabbits catching cold. After cutting the hair, in order to prevent it from catching a cold, measures should be taken to prevent cold and warm up within two weeks.

Prevention of frostbite, timely treatment of rabbit skin delicate, prone to winter frostbite. Occur in the ears and other skin, if there is local swelling, the rabbit should be quickly transferred to a warm place for treatment: If the frostbite parts are dry, you can apply some oily moisture; if the local swelling is heavier, you can rub the iodized Oil; If a vesicle has been present locally, use a knife or needle to remove the foam, drain the fluid, apply the ointment, and apply dressing if necessary to prevent wound infection.

Appropriate exercise, supplementary lighting, short winter nights, lack of light, rabbits generally lack exercise and light. In order to make it suitable for exercise and the sun, you can choose to move the rabbit to a place sheltered from the sun for about 1 hour to 2 hours before and after sunny noon. At the same time, it should be cleaned and the bedding replaced. Exercise and sunbathing can enhance the body's constitution. It can assist rabbits in the formation of vitamins through ultraviolet radiation, promote calcium absorption in the intestine, regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism, and thus improve the body's resistance to disease.

Do a good job of health, epidemic prevention Sterilization of common diseases in winter rabbits are mainly colds, constipation, diarrhea and sputum, etc., for these diseases, prevention should be the main, strengthen feeding and management and environmental sanitation, regular disinfection cages. The diseased rabbits were found to be treated in isolation; in the diet, some garlic, onions, ginger, and other preventive drugs were usually added to the diet; attention was paid to blocking rodents and raising the benefits of raising rabbits in winter.

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