The reason why the female rabbit was infertile for a long time

The reasons for female infertility for a long period of time are complex, both genetic and environmental factors. To sum up, there are four main points:

First, genital malformations and diseased female rabbits develop at a certain stage of embryonic development due to the obstruction or penetrance of different recessive genes, so that genital malformations and gonads such as ovarian hypoplasia, resulting in life infertility. Male and female rabbits suffer from infectious diseases such as spirochete disease, or male rabbits suffer from orchitis, and female rabbits suffer from salpingitis, vaginitis, endometritis, uterine tumors, and other diseases and endocrine disorders and disorders of the reproductive organs. Affect the female rabbit's conception.

Second, feeding and mismanagement species male rabbits and female rabbits due to improper feeding, protein, fat nutrition levels are too high or too low, lack of minerals or vitamin A, vitamin E and other reasons, and poor body condition. Rabbits are too thin or too fat, are likely to cause poor semen quality and affect the conception rate; female too fat, so that the pituitary function is inhibited, and even ovarian fatty infiltration or degeneration, resulting in the follicle can not be normal ovarian and can not be pregnant. Improper management can also affect the female rabbit's conception rate. The poor ventilation and light transmission in the cage can reduce the sperm quality of male rabbits, and the ovulation rate of female rabbits is reduced. The female rabbits have too many mating times and the burden of breeding is too heavy, or the female rabbits may suffer from conception due to a cold.

Third, the impact of temperature When the outside temperature exceeds 30 °C, male rabbit sperm quality dropped sharply. In summer, the sperm motility of the German hairy male rabbits can be reduced to an average of 0.1, even to 0 or no sperm, and it takes at least 45 days to regenerate viable sperm, and some even require 90 days. High temperatures also cause the female rabbit to lose appetite, prolong the estrus cycle, and shorten the estrus duration. Low temperature (-5 °C ~ 0 °C) also affects the male and female libido and estrus. Autumn moulting has a great influence on the semen of male rabbits, and female females may also experience abnormal oestrus or stop estrus. Therefore, when breeding at high temperatures or cold seasons, appropriate measures must be taken.

Fourth, male and female rabbit mating age is too large because the penetrance of harmful recessive genes also increases with age. For infertile female rabbits, appropriate measures must be taken for different situations. Infertility caused by genetic factors or sexual organ malformations and infectious diseases must be resolutely eliminated.

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