Jiangyan method of transporting vegetables

(1) The method of transporting Gyangze: There are mainly two kinds of water transport and wet transport.
1 Water transport: Containers made of watertight canvas buckets, bamboo poles, wooden boxes, etc., loaded with river leeks and sea water, and transported by ship or car. The advantage of this method is that the algae damage is small and the survival rate is high, but the transport capacity is high. Less expensive.
2 Wet transport: According to the strong dry-resistance characteristics of G. hirsutum, it is possible to use the bamboo scorpion to transport G. striata and shower it with certain seawater on time to keep the algae wet. This method has a large amount of traffic and results in good results.
(2) Notes on the way: In order to increase the survival rate of the river raft, the following points should be noted during the transportation:
First, pay attention to temperature changes. If the temperature is too high, we must pay attention to the air circulation in the chamber and can often turn the algae body; when the temperature in the north is too low (around 5°C), add some seaweed or a straw, tarpaulin or the like on the bamboo raft. To maintain warmth and prevent frostbite.
Second, pay attention to changing water and watering. When water is transported, it is best to change water by 1/3 every day. When the temperature is low, it can be extended to 2 days for changing the water. When water is transported, it can be watered once a day at noon. If the transportation time is short, you can generally do not spray water, so as to avoid the algae stimulated by the dissemination of spores.
Thirdly, Jiangya found that the spoilage had deteriorated.
Fourth, after the shipment to the destination, the seedlings should be stocked immediately. When the vegetables are ripe, they should be immediately placed in the seedling pool for dissemination.

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