Duckling Management

1. Start eating at the right time: On the second day after the ducklings hatched, one-third of the ducklings resembled the feeding state and can be fed at this time. More cooked rice cooked with early rice, with 10% glucose water, plus 10% leek bibimbap.
2, pay attention to the release of water: After the first open water is the characteristics of ducks. Before the feeding, the duck basket is used for water release. It is sunny at 13-15°C and can be directly drained in cold water for about 5 minutes. In case of rain or cold weather, the indoor tub is filled with water. In a week or two, water should be released about 15 minutes after feeding.
3. Feed animal feed in a timely manner: After the third day of feeding, the ducklings should be fed with 10-20% of animal feed, such as snails, shrimps, clams, small fish, etc., or 5% of fish meal. Feeding and promoting duckling growth and development.
4, feed green feed: From the third day, add 10-20% of the chopped green feed in the feed, or free to feed on the water surface, such as cabbage leaves, aquatic plants, duckweed and so on.

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