Watermelon Storage and Preservation

Watermelons are widely grown in China and have high yields. They are mostly marketed in summer. Doing a good job of storage and preservation of watermelons and extending the supply period can improve the economic benefits of melon farmers and enrich the market supply. 1. Selection of storable varieties Different varieties of watermelon have a great difference in storability, which is mainly related to the disease resistance, susceptibility to chilling injury and their own nutrient content. According to experiments, Zhongyu No. 10, Fengshou No. 2, Xincheng, honey orange and Zhejiang honey are relatively easy to store, while Zahua, Shihong No. 1, Su Mi, Zhongyu No. 1, Qionglu and other varieties have good storage. Poor. Xinhongbao is sensitive to cold and affects the storage effect. The symptoms of chilling injury are pits on the surface of melons. The small round pits with an initial length of about 2 mm gradually spread out into irregular shapes with a relatively flat bottom and sharp edges. They moved to temperatures above 20° C. Severe odor. 2. Strengthen field management The main diseases during the storage of watermelon such as anthrax, blight, and brown spoilage disease are infected with germs in the field. Therefore, disease prevention and control should be strengthened to reduce sickness in the field, eliminate diseased leaves in the field at any time, prevent flooding in the rainy season, and eliminate water accumulation in the field in time. Can be used 50% carbendazim 800 times, 70% thiophanate 1000 times, 75% chlorothalonil WP 600 times, at the beginning of the initial period of spraying or irrigation, spray every 7 to 10 days. More than three years of rotation should be implemented for non-melon crops on severely affected plots. 3. The watermelon harvested during the appropriate period of harvesting had poor quality and the overripe melons were susceptible to storage and were not resistant to storage. Generally 40 days after flowering, the late-maturing varieties have a few tendrils withered around the fruit, and the fluff of fruit fluff is peeled off, the peel is smooth and shiny, and the melons are dulled by hand. The melons are very mature and suitable for instant food. The melons used for storage should be appropriately advanced and should be harvested when it matures. 4 to avoid mechanical damage in the harvesting, loading and unloading and transport of watermelon in the process of strong vibration, extrusion and other easy to cause damage, easily corrupted into storage. Mechanical wounds on the peel provide access to pathogens. Therefore, storage of watermelon must avoid skin damage, but also to prevent the squeeze, pressure, falling and strong vibration, it is best stored in the place of origin to avoid excessive transport and long-distance transport. 5. Preserved preserved watermelon before storage can be fumigated with clotrinone, RQA, etc. to prevent diseases during storage. Method is to Keluling drug solution containing 0.1 to 0.2 ml per kilogram of the amount of adsorption on cotton balls or absorbent paper, scattered around the melon, and then sealed with plastic film fumigation 24 hours. 6. Storage temperature The appropriate temperature for storage of watermelon should be selected according to the cultivation area and length of storage. Under the premise of not generating odor, the lower the storage temperature is, the better the meat flavor is, but the low temperature is prone to cold injury, which affects the appearance of the melon and reduces the value of the product. The longer the storage time at low temperatures, the more likely it is cold damage. According to the experiment, the threshold temperature of cold damage caused by watermelon is 16°C in Shanghai and 12.5°C in Beijing. In the Heilongjiang area, Xinhongbao in the sea area at 11°C is stored at 8°C for 15 days, 40% of melons suffer cold damage. 22% of cold damage occurred in 22 days. Therefore, a short storage time can be used to lower the storage temperature, in order to better maintain the quality of the storage period of more than 20 days, it should be kept above the cold damage threshold temperature. 7. Storage methods Watermelon can be stored or racked. Choose cool and dry rooms or arbors, lay 5 to 10 cm thick dry sand or wheat straw on the ground, store 2 to 3 layers of squash, or place them on shelves. Before storage, use gemmazone fumigation. During storage, pay attention to ventilation and dehumidification, diligently check, and promptly clean up the diseased rotten melons that are not resistant to storage.

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