How to choose agricultural submersible pump

The agricultural submersible electric pump is a main water lifting device for solving the production and domestic water consumption of rural households in the countryside. However, due to the large number of submersible electric pumps, there is a large gap in technical strength, which results in a great disparity in product quality. Therefore, if you want to choose a reliable, cheap water pump, you must start from the following aspects: First, select the pump manufacturer as a user, generally limited by the expertise, can not determine which and what brand of water pump, so in When purchasing a pump, it is advisable to consult an expert on the pump; if there is a shortage of people in this area, it is not a question to ask the old user of the pump, especially a user with similar or similar conditions of use. Select the pump, first of all to recognize the water pump manufacturer, it is recommended to give priority to the purchase of water-filled submersible pumps, first select the pump to see the brand and product certification, do not buy "three no" products, that is, no manufacturer, No production date, no production license. Otherwise, the user will be at a loss. At the same time, single-phase or three-phase pumps should be used depending on local power conditions. Second, determine the pump parameters selection Submersible pumps focus is to determine the pump head and flow parameters such as the user's head is the best choice for the pump and the pump nameplate head close to the use of economic, efficiency can reach the highest. However, it is not required to be absolutely equal. Generally, a deviation of less than 20% can work under more energy-saving conditions. If the pump head selected is too small, the low lift pump is used for high lift operation, ie “small horse-drawn cart”. Even if it can pump water, the water volume will be very small; the pump head is too high, and the high lift pump is used for low lift. Work, that is, "big horse-drawn car", there will be excessive flow during operation, motor overload, if the long-term operation, the motor temperature increases, the winding insulation will gradually aging, or even burned the motor. The choice of pump flow rate should be adapted to the amount of water coming from the water source and the amount of water used, as well as the local economic conditions. Specific issues should be dealt with specifically. Third, check the quality of the pump The submersible pump motor is filled with water, oil-filled and shielded structure, a water-filled application is the most widely used. Before using this pump, you must unscrew all 2 water injection holes, one water injection (no sand water), and the other discharges air. After the water injection, it needs to wait for about 15 minutes. After the air in the motor chamber is fully discharged, add water. Until the water is filled, then tighten the two water injection bolts. Keep the motor in a sealed state. After the motor is filled with water, the windings work in water and the insulation of the motor can be measured. The megohmmeter must be used to measure the insulation resistance, and the universal meter cannot be used. Because the range of the universal meter is limited, the insulation resistance between the winding and the earth is measured. Not sure. After the insulation is qualified, test the pump. Where conditions permit, after the motor is filled with water, tighten the water injection bolts, and the pump can be energized and tested in the pool, but it cannot be operated for a long time. If there is no condition, it can be idle on the well, but the time must not exceed 2-3 seconds. .

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