Black food production technology

First, black sesame and corn chips 1, raw materials formula black sesame 20%, corn 80%. 2. Select and process corn Fresh, full, high-quality corn, remove impurities, peel off horny skin with a peeler, and then put it in an aqueous solution with softener and deodorant, soak at room temperature for 12 hours to corn cob It is advisable to use internal impregnation to harden, remove with water after removal (3~4 times), and steam on the steamer for 40 minutes to soften (cook) the corn. Softeners and deodorants consist of alum, sodium carbonate, and baking powder. 3, black sesame seed processing selection full plump black sesame seeds, remove impurities, wash clean with water (3 to 4 times), and then dried or dried. 4. After pressing and steaming, the slices are reduced to normal temperature and then repeatedly pressed on the tablet machine for 6 to 7 times. Then they are mixed with the processed sesame seeds, pressed into a 0.15 to 2 cm thick piece, punched or cut into squares. And other shapes. 5. Fry the edible vegetable oil to a boil and put it into a cornflakes. After you see the corn flakes are oiled, turn them up and down several times. When the corn is golden brown, bulky and crunchy, it will take about 5 minutes. 6. Mix and season the fried corn flakes with cold seasoning, spray with seasonings, and mix well. This is a convenient black sesame tortilla chip with a crisp and fragrant taste. Seasoning consists of small sesame oil, salt, monosodium glutamate and other components. 7. After the finished product package is cooled to room temperature, the pieces are picked up, and the products are put into bags and sealed. Can be consumed directly or with open blisters. Second, walnut peanut black sesame paste 1, the raw material formula black sesame 15 kg, 30 kg of sucrose powder, walnut 2.5 kg, 2.5 kg of peanuts, 50 kg of rice. 2. Black sesame seeds, walnut kernels and peanut kernels are cooked in an oven first, and then the puffed rice is crushed together with the raw materials after roasting. 3, the raw materials according to the formula into the blender into the mixing evenly, over 80 mesh sieve, be appropriate stirring, measuring packaging. 4, product features fine powder, no agglomeration, no sugar sand. When this product is eaten, it is made into a paste with boiling water and tastes sweet. 5. Precautions (1) When baking raw materials, it is necessary to grasp the proper fire and carefully operate it. Otherwise it may affect the taste of the product. (2) Products that have been sieved must be packaged in time and cannot stay overnight. The packaging room is subject to UV disinfection for 40 minutes prior to packaging. (3) Baking temperature is controlled at 100-120°C. Prevents burn out. (4) After the peanuts are cooked, remove the red clothes. The walnuts should be boiled in boiling water before baking to remove astringency. Third, black rice sesame soy paste 1, raw materials formula 55% to 60% black rice, sucrose 25%, sesame 9% to 14%, soybean 5%, 1% of egg yolk powder. 2. Raw materials are treated with high-quality black glutinous rice and soybeans. Soybeans are peeled by a peeling machine, sifted and sifted, then moisturized (with a dry humidity of about 14.5%). They enter the extruder and stay at 150° C. for an instant and cut into 2 cm. The long column; The rough sesame is baked in a baking oven at about 150° C. for 30 minutes to bake sesame and produce aroma; the egg yolk is dried in a baking oven to make egg yolk powder. 3. Crushing raw materials Black rice, soybeans, cooked sesame seeds and white sugar after puffing are pulverized in proportion to the pulverizer and passed through an 80-mesh sieve to form a mixture and put into a stainless steel bucket for use. 4. Mix seasoning with black rice, soybeans, sesame powder and egg yolk powder into mixing machine and mix them in a timely manner. 5, finished packaging The finished product packaging using plastic film bags, 250 grams per bag, heat sealing. Outer packaging can be used carton packaging, plus cellophane packets, according to conventional requirements indicate the content, enter the big market. 6, product characteristics like smoke gray powder, add boiling water adjusted into black. The form is powder and there is no agglomeration. Delicious and delicious. Fourth, black sesame black noodle cake 1, raw material formula black sesame kernel 1.2 kilograms, black rice flour 500 grams, brown sugar (brown sugar) 1.5 kilograms, standard flour 2.5 kilograms, peanut oil 150 grams, baking soda 33 grams, 1000 grams of clear water. 2. Mix the brown granulated sugar, peanut oil and fresh water until the sugar particles are completely dissolved. Then pour the flour and black rice powder onto the chopping board, mix it with baking soda and mix it. Then add sugar, oil, water mixture, mix well, adjust the dough to use. 3, choose full black sesame seeds, wash it clean and dry for later use. 4, the dough has been adjusted gently knead a few times by hand, simmering grow barrel-shaped, and then divided into a number of small gongs, weighing about 50 grams each, baking for 15 minutes, the furnace temperature is controlled at about 150 °C, baked and removed After cooling, it is the finished product. 5. The characteristic shape of the product is oblate, 20 pieces per 500 grams, uniform in size, thickness, and hemp. Food is crisp, sweet and nutritious, and nutritious.

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