India will soon develop two new biotech crops

According to Hinduonnet on May 24th, the top official of the Monsanto Company in the US claimed that it will soon develop two new biotech crops in India, namely "Bollbard II" and "Yield Gard" corn. At the Agricultural Biotechnology Forum "More options - helping farmers grow their own food", Dr. Robert T Fraley, chief technology officer at Monsanto, said that these two crops will help farmers strengthen the control of insects while increasing crops. The yield. Europe, Asia, and Latin America are moving toward the development of biotechnology. The population of India is increasing, and the demand for food is also increasing. Biotechnology will be the key technology for Indian farmers to face future food safety challenges. In the previous year, 2 billion mu of land had been planted in biotech crops worldwide. In the next three to four years, this area will be expanded to 3 billion mu. India has introduced agricultural products such as BT corn, and more than 50 biotech products have been studied in depth in 63 countries. Later agricultural products will also include soybeans and palms. In recent years, the United States has introduced low linseed oil to reduce the amount of transformed fat to protect human health. India will also introduce heart-healthy vegetables containing Omege 3 fatty acids from 2010 to 2011 to reduce the incidence of arthritis and contribute to intellectual development.

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