The method of dividing forest seedlings--burrowing seedlings

The entire shoot is buried horizontally in the soil so that it is rooted and cultivated into seedlings. The principle of burying roots is the same as that of cuttings, except that the branches are long, containing many nutrients, which are conducive to rooting, and one rooting, all survive, and can grow several seedlings. Some tree species with low survival rate, such as Populus tomentosa, have better seedling efficiency. However, the distribution of seedlings in burying seedlings is not uniform, the yield per unit area is low, and the growth of seedlings is not neat.

Buried burial methods are usually adopted for buried burial, but care must be taken to obtain the proper burial depth. It is also possible to use the method of burying without ditching, that is, placing the twigs flat on the nursery, every 20~25cm, cover a pile of soil on the twigs, take root at the soil cover, and leave 1~2 buds between the two piles. Germination into seedlings.

Burying is more uniform than buried seedlings. When the seedling height is 20~30cm, soil should be properly cultivated. When the seedling height was 50 cm, the burr was cut off from the seedlings with a sharp shovel to make the seedlings into a single plant state and form a complete and independent root system.

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