Bt insecticide use note four aspects

Bt is a bacterial insecticide and belongs to a species of Bacillus thuringiensis. It is effective against Lepidoptera larvae. Attention should be paid to the following issues when using it:

1. The first thing to pay attention to the quality of Bt is that it generally requires more than 10 billion spores per milliliter (or 1 gram) and an application concentration of 500 to 700 times. If the product contains a low amount of bacteria, increase the concentration. Opening the bottle cap during inspection reveals that the odor may have expired.

2. When using Bt, do not mix with bactericides such as carbendazim and thiophanate. The nebulizer sprayed with the sterilizer must also be flushed, otherwise the bactericide will kill some Bt bacteria and thus affect the insecticidal effect.

3. Pay attention to the weather when applying it. It is best to use it in cloudy or weak light. If the sun is violent, ultraviolet rays will kill Bt bacteria. Apply on sunny days, usually before 10 o'clock in the morning or in the afternoon, preferably on a foggy morning. Temperature is generally 10 ~ 35 °C is appropriate, if it is too low will affect the food intake of insects, control effect is poor.

4. When the density of insects in the field is large, in order to eradicate pests as quickly as possible, a small amount of pyrethroid pesticides such as extermination, cotton, and kung fu can be added. Generally, 1 to 2 ml can be added to the sprayer.

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