Several feeds that are easy to poison pigs

First, already germinated potato and its stems and leaves. Because the germ contains a large number of solanine, it can cause poisoning and paralysis.

Second, fresh sorghum tender seedlings, corn seedlings and fresh flax seed. Hydrocyanic acid poisoning is often caused by many hydrocyanic acid saccharides.

Third, moldy deteriorating mix, mixed feed, cereal, bran, beans, potatoes and moldy cake and so on. Due to aspergillus, erythra, rust, and other molds and toxins cause poisoning.

Fourth, without detoxification of cottonseed cake, tea seed cake and so on. After eating, the pigs are affected by digestive enzymes, microorganisms, or water, causing poisoning, poisoning, anorexia, or death.

Fifth, a large number of juicy vegetables, leaves, grass, etc., a long pile of heat or rot. Due to its high concentration of nitrous acid, pigs are poisoned after being reduced to nitrite by feeding, and nitrite poisoning is also easily caused by green feed stored overnight in a simmered cooking pot.

6, excessive feeding of distiller's grains or soy sauce residue often occurs in alcohol and salt poisoning.

In the case of poisoning mentioned above, one or more of the following may be used in combination: first-aid 1% basket (methylene blue), 20% sodium nitrite or 20% sodium thiosulfate, 40% urotropine, and Sodium, magnesium sulfate, glucose saline and other intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Dosage according to doctor's advice or according to the instructions depending on the degree of poisoning discretion. Sodium thiosulfate, baking soda, sulfuric acid, etc. can also be used flexibly according to the length of poisoning, the size of the pig, etc., and induce vomiting.

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