Lily flower common disease prevention

Several common diseases of lilies: lily mosaic disease, bulb rot disease, spot disease, leaf blight, etc.

Mosaic disease, also known as lily latent mosaic disease, occurs when the leaves appear uneven chlorotic spots or patches, the victim is short, the leaf margin is curled, the leaf shape becomes smaller, and sometimes there is shuttle-shaped light brown disease on the petals. Spots, flowers malformed, and not easy to open.

Prevention and control methods 1 Selection of virus-free bulbs; 2 Strengthen the prevention and treatment of aphids and leafhoppers; 3 The diseased plants were found to be removed and destroyed in time.

When the spotted disease started, faded spots appeared on the leaves, brown spots appeared after expansion, and the edges were dark brown. Afterwards, many small black spots are produced in the center of the lesion. In severe cases, the entire leaf becomes dark and withered.

Prevention and treatment methods The diseased leaves were removed and sprayed with 65% Zeoxin WP wettable powder 500-fold dilution to prevent spread.

After the onset of bulb rot disease, bulbs produce brown lesions, and the entire bulb decays brown.

At the beginning of the disease prevention and control method, 50% Daisinamine 300 times can be poured.

Leaf blight frequently occurs on the leaves and produces round or oval irregular lesions of varying sizes. The lesions are light yellow to grayish brown due to their different species. When severe, the whole leaf will die.

Prevention and control method 1 The greenhouse cultivation should pay attention to ventilation and light transmission, and strengthen management; 2 remove the diseased leaves in the early stage of disease, and spray 1% equivalent Bordeaux mixture for 7 to 10 days, or 50% of the special WP wettable powder 800 to 1000 times. Spray 3 to 4 times.

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