Britain develops artificial "plastic" blood

Release date: 2007-05-21

Britain develops artificial "plastic" blood Lance Twyman, a professor of chemistry at the University of Sheffield in the UK, has developed an artificial "plastic" blood that can be used as a substitute in the first aid process. This blood sample of artificial blood will be exhibited at the Science Museum in London on May 22 as part of the Plastic History Exhibition.
This new type of artificial blood is made of plastic molecules that carry iron atoms and transport oxygen throughout the body like hemoglobin. The artificial blood is light and easy to carry, does not need to be refrigerated, has a long effective period of use, and is low in cost. They are looking for more money to develop a final blood sample that can be used for bioassays.
At present, the research week of artificial blood should focus on the "blood" of fluorocarbons. The types of fluorocarbons "blood" developed by various countries are more, such as the "flululu----da" artificial blood of Japan, the United States. New blood cells for universal blood transfusion, perfluorodecalin in the former Soviet Union. In June 1980, China first applied its own artificial blood to the clinic. In this year, 14 patients achieved satisfactory results. ——Transfer from Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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