Management of scorpion skinning

Mink skin is a sign of the growth and development of wolfberry fruit. Because the skin of wolfberry fruit cannot grow with the growth of the body, lice must be removed from the old skin and the body can grow. The scorpion scorpion grows once at a time and the scorpion has a total of 6 licks in her life. Due to different living conditions, the skin is not very uniform, only the first time the skin is carried on the back of the mother's beak, the time is generally concentrated. Generally, the small beak of the same nest completes the skinning in about 6 hours, and the time required for the next 5 times of the skin. The difference is large, and sometimes the difference is as long as 3 months. Each time the skin is smashed, the body rapidly increases. According to the determination, the first and second rinsings each increase by approximately 0.5 centimeters, and the eschar increases by approximately 0.7 centimeters between three and six times. After the first time, the weight of the 2nd instar larvae increased from 55 per gram to 42 per gram. Like other arthropods, the scorpion's pelt is due to a series of physiological and biochemical changes in the scorpion's body. Under the action of the ecdysone produced in the body, the scorpion skin is replaced with a new one, except for ecdysteroids. In addition, the skin of the dumplings needs other necessary conditions. First of all, the body needs to store enough nutrients to provide power to generate energy. Those who lack nutrient deficiency energy are difficult to molt, and often they are not skinning, or are There is a lack of motivation in the mink to stop the molting. Followed by the need for a suitable temperature (25-35 °C), humidity (10-15%) and quiet, only to provide a good tanned skin conditions, the skin will be able to victory. In order to speed up the molting, on the basis of meeting the above conditions, we can feed the “Fast and Fast” developed by Guangdong Oriental Pearl Hi-Tech Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. and obtain good results. In addition to the first time on the back of the mother's raccoon, the raccoon skin is carried out in the nest. The scorpions are premonitions in front of the pupa. One week before the pupa, the pupa finds a suitable nest and enters a semi-dormant state. The activity is reduced, the skin becomes rough, the body segment is obvious, and the front abdomen contains water and hypertrophy. Whenever you see these phenomena, you must group and adjust the density of the lice, regulate the temperature and humidity in the nest, and reduce the light intensity. Scabs start from the head and chest, then from the head to the abdomen in turn, the total molting process lasted 3 hours, if the conditions are not suitable, then extend the molting time, or even died halfway. The just-skinned scorpion does not move, the body grows rapidly, and the appendages stretch. The body is soft, the muscles are delicate, shiny, and the body is light yellow. At this time, if the density is too large, the grouping is not uniform, and the food is insufficient, the freshly fleshed oysters often become the object of attack by other scorpions. The appetite of the just-skinned scorpion scorpion is strong. Therefore, it is necessary to suffice with plenty of activity-sensitive and small earthworms, so that the scorpion after squatting can eat and eat well, energetic, and recover as quickly as possible. In addition, it should be fed as early as possible to “Zhenyuankang” developed by Guangdong Oriental Pearl Hi-tech Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. It plays a role of bactericidal anti-inflammatory, heat-clearing and detoxifying, stomach-enhancing and digestion-assisted, and can improve the disease resistance of Quercus militaris and reduce the occurrence of diseases. .

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