How does the coffee capsule filling machine work?

After the baked and ground coffee powder is sealed in a special capsule, it can be made into capsule coffee. This small packaged coffee, in its coffee consumption market, occupies an important position because of its time and space constraints. In order to meet the market demand, many coffee capsule companies constantly search for and upgrade the filling and packaging process to ensure the fresh taste of coffee.

The OPTIMA Coffee Capsule Filler meets the growing market demand for capsule products. Among them, OPTIMA CFR automatic rotary capsule filling machine has short delivery time and easy operation, and can start production within a few months, helping customers to quickly occupy the market.

CFR process

Capsule loading, split

2. Bottom film unwinding, die cutting and sealing


3. Integrated screw filling system, filling powder, granules or tea


4. Sealing film unwinding, punching and sealing

5. Weighing inspection. 100% inspection of the container to ensure that the product meets the standards you require.

6. Machine output. Eliminate products that do not meet specifications

7. Cartoning machine. The secondary packaging system integrates manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic cartoners.

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