Microbial Fermentation for Production of Organic Fertilizer Technology Receives National Environmental Protection Award

Beijing, March 1 (Reporter Zhang Qiiyao) how to solve the problem of environmental pollution of organic solid wastes in rural areas for a long time, alleviate the environmental pressures in China's large-scale livestock and poultry breeding industries, promote the ecological virtuous circle, and promote the construction of new rural areas. ? The “Organic Waste Microbial Fermentation to Produce Bio-Organic Fertilizer” technology, independently completed by Beijing Jingpuyuan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., solves this problem in the field of environmental protection. This technology was recently named "2005 Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award" by the State Environmental Protection Administration.
In recent years, the pollution brought by livestock and poultry breeding industry has become the main source of rural pollution in China, and its prevention and control work is imminent. According to the survey conducted by the State Environmental Protection Administration, only in 1999, China's livestock and poultry excrement industry volume was 1.9 billion tons, which was 2.4 times that of industrial solid waste. The overall land load alert value of livestock and poultry manure has reached 0.49 (normal value should be less than 0.4). , There is a certain amount of environmental stress and environmental pressure. Experts predict that by 2010, China's annual livestock and poultry manure production will reach 4.5 billion tons, if not effective treatment will lead to further deterioration of the environment.
In fact, organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure is a valuable resource in agricultural production. Jing Zhou, general manager of Beijing Jingyuan Park Company, said, “In our eyes, livestock waste, such as livestock and poultry, is not a pollutant, but is a misplaced resource.” At present, the company has franchise across the country. The way to build more than 40 bio-organic fertilizer production plants, annual consumption of 600,000 tons of livestock and poultry manure. Qiu Zhou said that their starting point is to scale up the waste produced by livestock and poultry breeding and agricultural production, apply bio-technically harmless treatment, produce qualified bio-organic fertilizer products, enter the planting process, and form an ecological benign cycle.
The technology of Jingyuanyuan Company adopts microbial fermentation to rapidly deodorize and decompose livestock and poultry excrement, making it a necessary bioorganic fertilizer for organic agricultural cultivation. The “Organic Waste Fermentation Fungus” they successfully developed allows the pollutants to reach a fermentation temperature of 40 degrees Celsius within 24 hours, eliminate odors within 36 hours, complete the maturity within 7 days, and solve the continuous industrialization of livestock and poultry manure. The problem of producing bio-organic fertilizers. And in the production process to achieve the complete disposal of livestock and poultry manure, does not produce secondary pollution.
When the Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology conducted an appraisal of this technology, the expert committee headed by Academician Jin Jianming of the State Environmental Protection Administration unanimously held that this is the first fermented product with independent intellectual property rights in China, and it is the first to deal with organic solid waste. Effective practical technology. This project has strong practicability, mature technology, and operability. The application of organic solid waste has obvious economic, social, and ecological benefits.
At present, the State Environmental Protection Administration is working closely with related departments to formulate Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Pollution from Livestock and Poultry Breeding. Pollution prevention and control of livestock and poultry farming will be included as a major project in the National Action Plan for Rural Well-to-do Environmental Protection implemented in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”. The State also A large amount of money will be used to support the utilization of livestock and poultry manure to improve the rural environment.

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