Vinegar home "homemade" production

Vinegar is an indispensable ingredient in people's lives. At the same time, vinegar has a health-care effect. The following describes the method and principle of home-made vinegar as follows. Because the production is vinegar raw materials, accessories from agricultural and sideline products. So this method is especially suitable for rural areas. The raw materials required for the production of vinegar are dried sweet potato or sorghum and wheat and some supplementary materials. If the main ingredient is sweet potato or dried sorghum 200 kg or wheat 50 kg, the other accessories are 2 kg of cilantro, 1.5 kg of pepper, 2 kg of sesame, 3 kg of mung bean, 1 kg of ginger, 5 kg of sesame, and 5 kg of screwdriver. , 50 kg of coarse glutinous rice, 30 kilos of glutinous rice. The steps and principles of family production of vinegar are as follows: 1. Making music 1. Making music: In mid-August, the temperature is 28 to 30°C. 2. Step of making music: 1 Soak wheat, sesame and mung bean, crush and steam it. 2 soaked jingle leaves and peppercorn leaves for 2 hours. 3 Put all the accessories into the container and add water until the mixture is loose. 4 into a block, the stirring of the good material into the mold to make blocks. 5 Place the billet on the firewood, cover it with a sack, and place it on the shade to give it a brownish green mold for 4 to 6 days. 6 sun to dry. 7 save in the shade. Second, fermentation 1. The sweet potato dry or sorghum cooked, so that gelatinization of starch, the main changes are: raw starch in the steamed into a dissolved state in order to be used by yeast. 2. The cooked ingredients are allowed to dry to about 25°C, and then mixed with the crushed chop and evenly placed in a jar to be naturally fermented on the balcony. The main changes are: Starch produces glucose under the action of starch fermentation in koji. Glucose produces alcohol and carbon dioxide under the action of yeast yeast alcoholase in koji. The fermentation process is divided into three phases: pre-fermentation - is the period during which the yeasts multiply rapidly. The main fermentation period is a period in which glucose is converted into alcohol by the action of the enzyme vinasse, and carbon dioxide gas is generated at the same time, and the temperature rises. Attention can not exceed 30 ~ 40 °C, mechanical cooling method is to stir fermentation with a wooden shovel once a day. In the late fermentation stage, alcohol reaches a certain level of accumulation, sugar is almost exhausted, and fermentation is slow. The whole process is about a month. Through alcohol fermentation, fermented wolfberry can generally reach 7% alcohol content. 3. Acetic acid fermentation: Mix the fermented mash with the coarse and fine glutinous grains, put it into a porcelain helmet, place it on the soil mash, cover the quilts, and conduct acetic acid fermentation. The main reaction is that alcohol produces acetic acid under the action of acetic acid bacteria in the song. Since acetic acid bacteria are aerobic microorganisms, they should constantly turn over, increase the air while reducing the temperature, and turn it over once a day. In seven days, the content of acetic acid reached 7 to 8%, which means that 3% of salt can stop the fermentation. The acetic acid fermentation temperature is controlled at 28-30°C. Third, the vinegar soaked fermented wolfberry into the bath and add water soak for 20 to 24 hours, then pour vinegar. Finally, the cylinder seal is excellent for one month.

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