Watermelon Seedling "Strain with Heaven"

Long-term low temperature. Due to lack of light, melon seedlings have very weak photosynthetic activity, malnutrition, slow growth, light leaf color, shedding of cotyledons, and easy stiff seedlings and damping-off, resulting in a large number of dead seedlings. Management measures: remove grasshoppers during the morning, clean the dust on the film, take small drops of water in the film, maintain good transparency, increase the temperature, cover the grasshoppers at night, and apply pesticides and prevent disease when necessary.
Continuous rain. The humidity in the seedbed is large, the illumination is poor, the temperature is low, the photosynthesis is weakened, and the accumulation of nutrients is less, but the respiratory depletion is not reduced, the melon seedlings are weak and the disease is aggravated. Management measures: As long as it does not rain, during the day must be exposed, increase the scattering of light, do not avoid exposing for several days, the surface can be paved 1 to 1.5 cm thick dry fine soil or vegetation ash, inside the water and spray stop. At noon, proper ventilation on the lee side reduces the relative humidity.
Fog days. Illumination is poor, air humidity is high, leaves of melon seedlings are prone to water, and they are susceptible to anthrax and damping-off. Therefore, the foggy weather should not only seal the seedbed and avoid the intrusion of fog. It must also promptly remove the cover after the mist has completely dissipated, and properly conduct ventilation and light transmission.
For a long time, it is cloudy. The temperature of the bed rose sharply, the melon seedlings lost too much water too quickly, and physiological water imbalance occurred, resulting in wilting, stagnant growth, and even death. Management measures: Let melon seedlings gradually see the light, early in the morning to expose the appropriate early, so that the melon seedlings see more light at a lower temperature, in order to have a longer period of adaptation to the glare. The temperature rose to a certain extent, can cover the grass in the seedlings to light cover, but also spray 10 ~ 20 °C warm water to add water, alleviate wilting. It can also be ventilated as early as before the storm to reduce the temperature inside the seedbed.
Cold winds. Every day, uncovering the grass and mulberry leaves, so that the melon seedlings have a certain time to see light, but it is necessary to properly cover the early cover, generally exposed at 11:00, cover before 2 pm, night to strengthen the insulation and cold measures.

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