How to prevent high temperature damage to flowers?

Water, gas and temperature are the necessary conditions for flower growth. In summer, the high temperature brings great harm to the growth of flowers. When the temperature is as high as 38°C, many flowers will have poor growth, which is manifested by accelerated respiration, reduced photosynthesis, and impeded nutrient running. If the temperature is higher than its heat resistance, it will tend to die, even if it is a flower that is accustomed to growing in the tropics, and if it is not taken care of, it is difficult to grow normally. To this end, the following management measures are proposed:

1, shading: The flowers in greenhouses or plastic greenhouses should use shade nets to shade, in order to prevent the direct sunlight and burned flowers in the hot sun, in open field cultivation also try to shade.

2. Sprinkle water: Sprinkle water sooner or later to increase the humidity and lower the temperature. If sprinkler or drip irrigation facilities work better, they can usually be cooled by 2~5°C after spraying.

3. Diligence and ventilation: Increase the ventilation equipment in the greenhouse or greenhouse. In order to introduce fresh air, eliminate indoor hot gases and harmful gases.

4, disease prevention and pest control: wind and rain, timely prevention of pests and diseases.

Introduction of Leo Milk Cooling Tank / milk cooler:

Milk cooling tank composed of refrigeration units and tank body as two major parts. Tank body made of high quality AISI stainless steel (food grade); insulation layer use polyurethane foam one time forming; compressor unit using the most advanced U.S. Copeland flexible scroll compressor; optional device including automatic cleaning devices, electronic metering device and heat recovery system; independent computer control system makes our milk cooling tank in intelligent automatic working condition. Our milk cooling tank features are:quick cooling speed, high efficiency and insulation ability , low noise, reliable, simple operation, no maintenance and on-site installation, long service life. Capacity from 500L to 12000L to meet the different needs of various customer groups.

Features and benefits of Leo milk cooling tank/ milk cooler :

  • Compact design;
  • Rapid and efficient cooling ( from +32ºC To +4ºC within 2 hours);
  •  Low energy and operation costs;
  • High quality materials and quality craftsmanship;
  •   Microprocessor driven cooling and cleaning controls;
  •  Available in wide range of capacities.
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