To guard against rabbit frostbite in winter

In general, rabbit frostbite can be divided into three levels according to the degree: first grade, local redness, swelling, pain, slightly warm; second grade, local appear full of transparent liquid blisters, pain, ulceration ulceration ulcer , leaving behind scars; three levels, local tissue necrosis, dryness, shrinkage, after separation and shedding, severe cases can be systemic frostbite to death. In the cold season, the rabbit house insulation work should be done well. Doors, windows, etc. can be properly sealed, with more grass in the house, and the selection of cold-resistant species, while strengthening the feeding and management, enhance physical fitness, improve the ability to keep out the cold, to avoid frostbite. In the case of frostbite, light oils may be applied locally. To promote swelling dissipated, rub 1% iodine solution or iodine glycerin. When blisters appear, infections should be prevented or eliminated, local blood circulation improved, dissipation of inflammatory swellings should be promoted, and the organization's ability to recover should be improved. Early application of antibiotics, topical application of 3% gentian violet. In the third frostbite, we should prevent wet gangrene, remove necrotic tissue, rub antibiotic ointment, and use antibiotics, intravenous glucose solution, vitamin C and vitamin B1.


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