Is pyrimethanil mixed with iprodione?

can. Pyrimethanil is an anilinopyrimidine bactericide, which has a special effect on gray mold. It is resistant to non-anilinopyrimidine fungicides and is sensitive to the drug. The drug has a unique mechanism of action, can effectively prevent the formation of pathogens, kill pathogens, and has internal absorption and fumigation. After application, the drug can quickly reach the parts of flowers, young fruits, etc., which cannot be sprayed, and quickly kill pathogens. Apply at lower temperatures. The drug also has a good control effect against powdery mildew and can be used to prevent powdery mildew in leek. Iprodione is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide, which has good effects on the genus Botrytis, Alternaria, Sclerotinia, and genus Sclerotium, etc., against Alternaria, Hyphomycetes, and filaments. Nuclear fungi, Fusarium spp., Verticillium spp., and other fungi also have effects. They are used to prevent gray mold in crops such as grapes, strawberries, and vegetables, nuclear fruit sclerotia, and apple leaf spot disease. The drug should not be applied continuously for a long time and should be used alternately or mixed with different properties of the drug to avoid drug resistance.

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