New carp species --- Rouge Giants

The giant roe deer, also known as rouge deer, is a researcher of Hubei Academy of Fisheries Science and Technology Wu Yanhu. After many years of research, it adopts biological genetic engineering technology and artificially cultivated new varieties of eel, which have obvious advantages in hybridization. It not only inherits the advantages of universal sweet-smelling meat, sweetness, wide appetite, and easy feeding, but also overcomes the disadvantages of slow growth and difficulty in catching common carp. Its body shape is similar to that of common squid. Its body height is similar to that of squid. Its body is grayish on both sides, its abdomen is silvery, its fins are pinkish, its back is thick and its abdomen is small, its edible proportion is large, its intermuscular puncture is small, no need, warmth (0 ~ 40 °C), gentle temperament, strong ability to adapt to environmental conditions.

The giant scorpion fish is a new type of squid that has been genetically recombined between families and families, so it has the biological characteristics that ordinary squids do not have:

1, omnivorous

It feeds on zooplankton, grain feed, plant debris, etc. During the stage of seedlings, it prefers to eat zooplankton, and less or no carp is put in the culture.

2, fast growth, high yield, short feeding cycle

The breeding fry in that year was raised to the end of the year. In the case of adequate feed, it can generally grow to 400-600 grams. Under the same conditions, the average growth rate is 35% to 40% faster than that of allogynogenetic crucian carp, and the yield can reach 300 to 500 kg.

3, strong disease resistance, high survival rate

The fry under the pond can grow to 1.5 to 2 centimeters (Flora species) in 5 to 7 days, and the survival rate is 85% to 90%. The survival rate of summer fish species to reach the adult fish is more than 95%.

4, strong adaptability

The child generation will not be separated and it is suitable for all kinds of waters.

5, easy fishing, easy to hook

The fishing rate is 80% to 90%. It is suitable for catching and wheeling. The giant maggot is also easily hooked. It is the preferred breeding species for the development of the fishing industry.

6, high food value

Rouge giant salamander is rich in nutrients, containing 3% higher amino acid content than silver carp; edible large proportion, 10% to 15% more meat than silver carp, 50% to 65% less intermuscular thorn than silver carp; sweet taste It is comparable to eel.

At present, Hubei Aquatic Science Research Institute and other units have established a breeding base for rouge giant oysters, with an annual output of more than 10 million seedlings. B. grandis can be used as a new breed of high-quality freshwater culture to promote farming across the country.

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