Combining the creation of new drugs with the transformation of growth

Business Club November 11th November 5-7, China Pharmaceutical Congress and the 10th China Pharmacist Week was held in Tianjin. Nearly 2,000 people including special guests, directors of the China Pharmaceutical Association, local pharmaceutical associations, pharmacy experts and scholars attended the conference. According to the reporter’s understanding, the conference focused on the theme of “Developing Emerging Industries for Biomedicine and Protecting People's Health”. Through extensive exchanges on biomedical technology, biochemical and biotech drugs, traditional Chinese medicines, and natural medicine, the conference focused on biomedical technology. The status quo and prospects for the development of industry and pharmaceutical disciplines and the prospects for the development of China's medical and health science and technology undertakings.

In recent years, the emerging industry of biopharmaceuticals has become the focus of a new round of high-tech industry competition in the world due to its “three high” features of high investment, high risk, and high yield. Deepening the reform of the medical and health system, accelerating the cultivation of new emerging medical industries, and transforming the mode of economic development are major measures for China to grasp the strategic opportunities of the new technological revolution and build an innovative country in a new historical period. In the coming years, the emerging industries of biopharmaceutical will It has developed into a pillar industry in China's high-tech industry and a leading industry in the national economy.

At the opening ceremony of this conference, Sang Guowei, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, chairman of the China Pharmaceutical Association, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that we must rely fully on science and technology to support development and lead the future, and persist in rejuvenating the country through science and education, and talents. The strategy of building a strong country has made the improvement of independent innovation capabilities and the construction of an innovative country the core of the country’s development strategy. We must speed up the organization and implementation of the "National Outline for Medium and Long-Term Scientific and Technological Development Planning", especially the combination of the implementation of major national special projects such as the creation of new drugs and the promotion of economic development methods, break through key technologies that restrict economic and social development, and vigorously foster The upgrading of new industries and industrial structures will continue to provide new economic growth points and make new contributions to the development of economic and social sciences and healthy development.

At the opening ceremony, the conference awarded the 2010 China Pharmaceutical Association Science and Technology Award, including 1 first prize, 5 second prizes, and 8 third prizes. China Pharmaceutical and Biological Products Verification Bureau, State Food and Drug Administration Drug Evaluation Center, Beijing Kexing Biological Products Co., Ltd. jointly submitted the project of "Development and Application of H5N1, H1N1 Vaccine and Diagnostic Reagent R&D and Evaluation System". Won the first prize.

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