Chicken manure fermentation fish feed low cost effect

Chicken droppings contain sprinkled chicken feed, shavings, feathers, a small amount of broken egg liquid, and undigested feed and unabsorbed nutrients. It was determined that crude protein in chicken manure dry matter accounted for 31% to 33%, of which more than half were non-protein nitrogen such as uric acid, urea, creatine, ammonia, etc., and crude fiber contained in chicken manure itself and crude fiber in mat grass. . Therefore, chicken manure is a good feed for fish farming, and it is an ideal raw material for fish pellet feeds.

The use of chicken dung to formulate pelleted feeds can provide cheap feed for fish farming. Chickens and fish farming promote each other to form a good ecological cycle. However, raw chicken manure contains parasite eggs and some toxic substances and pathogens. Therefore, raw fish cannot directly feed fish. Must be professional fish feed fermentation agent (such as the Kinpo 2 type of starter) treatment, in order to become non-toxic and nutrient-rich fish feed. Chicken manure (about 50%) is mixed with a certain proportion of corn flour, bean cake, rapeseed cake and bran, and then a certain amount of golden bacon starter is added. The water is adjusted to about 60%, after 3-4 days can be successfully fermented, and then processed into pellet feed. Feeding grass, cockroaches, and squid with this pellet feed has a feed cost of only 0.15-0.20 yuan per kilogram of fish. At present, the general pellet feed for fish farming, feed costs per kilogram of fish have 0.30-0.40 yuan, with chicken manure pellet feed fish, feed costs per kilogram can be reduced by more than 50%.

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