Breeds and culture methods

In 1979, China introduced "Daping No. 2" and "North Star No. 2" from Japan. These two glutinous cultivars belong to the same family and they are characterized by strong adaptability and high reproductive rate and are suitable for artificial breeding. Since 1980, experiments and extensions have been conducted throughout the country. For various reasons, most of them have already terminated production. Only a small number of breeding units and some scientific research units have retained their provenances.

There are many ways to raise earthworms. There are three main ways:

1. Simple breeding method. This method includes box raising, grazing, pond raising, shed raising, and breeding in hotbeds. The specific method is to layer feed and fertilizer in layers in containers, pits or pools. During the process, strengthen feeding and management. This method is suitable for farmers and urban residents, using the front of the house, behind the house, courtyard open space and old containers, brick pools, nursery hotbeds, etc., to produce animal protein feed, processing organic fertilizers, and processing domestic garbage. Its advantages are local materials, less investment, simple equipment, simple management methods, and the use of amateur or auxiliary labor to make full use of organic waste.

2. Field farming method. Choose a relatively flat terrain, can fill the mulberry garden, vegetable garden, orchard or feed field, along the plant rows to open trenches, apply decomposed organic fertilizer, cover it with soil about 10 centimeters, and put it into the alfalfa for breeding, often pay attention Irrigation or drainage, to keep the soil moisture at about 30%. Winter can be covered with plastic film on the ground in order to promote the activity and breeding ability. Due to a large number of earthworms, the soil is loose and porous, and the permeability is good. No-tillage can be implemented. Therefore, this is a kind of farming method that is suitable for a variety of purposes in rural areas.

3. Factory culture. This method requires certain specialized sites and facilities that are suitable for large-scale production of plutonium.

The nutritional value of chicken
1. Chicken protein content is high, and easily absorbed into the body to use, there is to enhance physical strength, strong body function. In addition, chicken also contains fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E and niacin and other ingredients.
2. Chicken potassium sulfate amino acid content is also very rich, it can make up for lack of cattle and pork.

3. Chicken has more vitamin A than other meat, but its content is worse than that of vegetables or liver, but the content of vitamin A is much higher than that of beef and pork.

The efficacy and role of chicken
1. Chicken sex, warm, sweet, spleen, stomach; can be warm, supplement essence and marrow; for the treatment of Consumption thin, the less virtual diet, diarrhea, dizziness, palpitations, irregular menstruation, postpartum milk less , Diabetes, edema, frequent urination, tinnitus and other deafness.
2. Chicken on malnutrition, cold chills, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness and so have a good therapeutic effect. Chinese medicine believes that the chicken has warm, tonic fill fine, spleen and stomach, live blood, strong bones effect.
3. eat chicken cooking flowers can enhance the liver's detoxification function, improve immunity, prevent colds and scurvy.

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