Usage and maintenance of hydraulic oil press and troubleshooting

The use of hydraulic oil press maintenance 1. Pay attention to maintaining cleanliness Before and during the open press and the press, attention must be paid to the cleanness of the piston surface, and the dirt and oil adhered to the piston surface should be promptly cleaned. Always pay attention to the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid in the tank and carefully filter it when filling the tank. After a period of use, if it is found that the fluid is not clean, filter out or replace it with new oil. 2. Pay attention to maintain a reasonable pressure When using the oil pump to pressurize, do not be too rash or too fierce to prevent the oil from damaging the hydraulic components. To reduce the pressure, open the return valve first. When the oil in the fuel tank returns to the tank, slowly open the valve to avoid a sudden drop in pressure. When using, it is forbidden to adjust the safety valve to read more than 40 megapascals (400 kgf/cm2) of pressure gauge to avoid explosion of the pipeline or cylinder. It is forbidden to lengthen the swinging handle of the oil pump to prevent overloading of parts and components, and it is not always possible to make the safety valve to trip, so as to avoid the wear of the valve sleeve and the loss of elasticity of the spring due to excessive fatigue, resulting in failure of the safety valve. 3. Pay attention to timely maintenance Hydraulic oil presses should always pay attention to the operating conditions of the machine during operation and use. Attention should be paid to frequent inspections, timely repairs and exchanges of consumable parts (such as leather bowls, sealing devices, steel balls, pistons, etc.). Loose nuts should be tightened and the machine should be regularly inspected and cleaned. When the hydraulic oil press is stopped, the machine should be wiped cleanly. Apply grease on the easily rusted parts and wrap it with oil paper or kraft paper to prevent rust. Second, the elimination of common faults 1. When the oil pump does not absorb oil, if it is a dirt plug filter network, you should wash and remove the oil filter network. If the oil is used for too long, because the deposit adheres to the oil inlet valve and the valve is not tight, replace the new oil or discharge the old oil and clean the oil inlet valve. If there is insufficient oil in the tank, add enough oil to the tank. If the pump is not vacuumed, pull out the small piston and inject the oil before pressing. 2. When the pressure of the oil pump is insufficient, if the valve is dirty or has a poor seal, it can be removed and washed and then ground to make it close. If the plug of the oil inlet valve of the oil press is in poor contact with the valve seat, it may be removed and washed and then ground to make it tightly closed. If the screw plug of the oil filter of the oil press is in poor contact with the valve seat or is not tightened to cause oil leakage, the screw plug and valve seat of the oil press can be ground to close or tighten the screw plug. If the clearance between the small piston and the pump body is too large, replace the new pump. 3. When oil cylinders and pistons are inspected for oil leakage, if they are mounted on the wrong side of the bowl, they should be re-packed in the right way. In the case of a broken bowl, replace the new bowl. 4. When the safety valve fails to repair, if there is dirt in the oil and the ball valve is not sealed, the safety valve should be cleaned to remove dirt and close the ball valve. If the spring loses its elasticity and cannot withstand high pressure, replace the new spring. If the adjustment screw is loose, causing the valve to jump without reaching the specified pressure, the screw should be re-adjusted to allow the valve to trip when the pressure reaches the specified pressure. If it is a frequent overpressure operation that causes the ball to bruise the valve, the valve should be re-ground, the new ball replaced, and attention should be paid to operating according to the operating instructions.

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