The best top-dressing period for several field crops

Under the premise of applying basic fertilizers, proper fertilizer application is an effective way to further increase production, especially when topdressing crops with the most nutrients, can significantly increase yield and improve quality. The following describes the best dressing period for several field crops.

Corn: After the jointing stage, the corn should be chased once after the big bell-mouthing period, and it should be applied for the second time 7-10 days before the tasseling.

Rice: In order to make early-season rice crops and early tillers, early application and re-application of tillers should be adopted.

Wheat: Wheat should be top-dressed in three-leaf stage and heading and flowering stages.

Peanuts: Peanuts should be topdressed with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers when a pair of lateral branches appear in the plant.

Soybeans: Soybeans should be top-dressed once during the early flowering period and during the podding period.

Potato: Generally, it can be top-dressed before the flowering period of potatoes. Early-maturing varieties are suitable for top-dressing at the seedling stage.

Cotton: Cotton needs more fertilizer in buds and flowers, pay attention to top dressing.

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