Spring corn needs fertilizer

The growth period of spring maize is long, the early temperature is low, the plant growth is slow, the peak of required fertilizer is much later than that of summer corn, and there is no summer corn concentration. Generally, the cumulative absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus is 34.4% and 46.2 at the jointing and booting stage. %. Absorption reached 53.3% and 65% at heading and flowering, then gradually slowed down, but it still needed to absorb 46.7% of nitrogen and 35% of phosphorus, which is much more than the late growth period of summer maize, so the summer corn In the later stages, a certain amount of fertilizer will be applied.

The absorption of potassium by spring maize and summer maize at each growth stage began to rise rapidly after jointing and reached the peak at heading and flowering stage. Potassium, which is grouted into mature plants, has a small amount of extravasation and leaching, which decreases the potassium content in the plants. Therefore, potash should be applied in the early stage, and there is no need to apply potash fertilizer in the later period.

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