How to prevent and control sorghum black rot

Symptoms can be diseased at seedling stage and adult stage. During the seedling stage, the disease appeared as a lack of water-like wilting. The cortex and vascular bundles of the diseased seedlings were brownish and watery, and the fine roots were softened and rotted. The diseased leaves of the infected plants droop slightly and the old leaves yellow, starting to dry from the tips of the leaves and the leaf margins. The infected roots and roots of the roots turn brown and rot.

The pathogen is called sorghum black green onion, belonging to the fungus Aspergillus spp. Conidiophore erect, 2 or 3 bunched or solitary, brown to dark brown, wall thickness, size 150?3006?8(um), proximal tip rotating, apical cell inflated, 3 cells producing sporulating cells above The apical cell divides, and once each splits, it forms a sporulated cell with conidiospores on it. Conidia densely integrated head-shaped, black, spherical, smooth or thorny surface, diameter 12 ~ 27um.

Transmission routes and conditions The fungus is a saprophytic bacterium that induces disease on the shoot or root of the plant.

Prevention methods (1) Three years or more of rotation. (2) Strengthen management, appropriate density, use high ridge or sorghum cultivation, do not plant sorghum in low-lying areas. (3) Apply compost that has been thoroughly decomposed organic fertilizer or Japanese enzyme bacteria, and drainage should be timely after rain, and flooding is prohibited.

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