Fertilizer skillful application

Many fertilizers kill and repel pests. Clever fertilization has the effect of controlling pests.

Phosphorus fertilizer bollworm is very sensitive to phosphorus during the spawning period, and it escapes when phosphorus is encountered. During the spawning period of cotton bollworms, spraying with 2% superphosphate calcium leaching solution, every 5-6 畦, leaving 1 畦 without spraying, can drive the bollworm to lay eggs sparingly, so that it can be eliminated.

Silicon-calcium fertilizers such as corn, soybeans and other crops apply 30-40 kg of silicon-calcium fertilizer per acre to avoid the hazards of corn borer and soybean meal. Rice, wheat and other crops, applying 20-30 kg of calcium-silicon fertilizer per mu, can greatly reduce the risk of armyworm.

The nitrogen fertilizers urea, ammonium bicarbonate, and ammonia water are three kinds of nitrogen fertilizers that are volatile and have certain irritating, corrosive, and fumigating effects on pests. 250-800 grams of urea, 100 grams of laundry detergent, and 150 kilograms of water can be used to control red spiders, aphids and other pests.

Grass ash to take 20 kg of grass ash, soaked with 80 kg of water for a day and night, take the filtrate spray, can effectively control aphids. In the onion, garlic, and leeks, 20-30 kilograms of ash are applied or applied per acre, which can prevent roots and increase yield.

Fertilizer mixed with 1% urea solution by adding 50% of dichlorvos EC (concentration of 1%) for spraying, can kill red spiders harming citrus, cotton, flowers. With 40% dimethoate EC 50 grams per acre, 250 grams of urea, 50 kg of water, sprayed in the booting stage of rice, can not only prevent rice pests, but also promote rice production. In the soybean seedling stage and early flowering stage, 50 grams of ammonium molybdate, 50 grams of 50% phoxim EC, and 50 kg of water are sprayed per acre, which can cure soybean deficiency molybdenum and control aphids and soybean meal.

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