Gansu medical liability insurance next year

The Health Department of Gansu Province has recently issued the "Working Plan for the Implementation of Medical Liability Insurance in Gansu Province." The "plan" requires that all non-profit medical institutions of Grade 2 and above in the province participate in the medical liability insurance under the next year. If they have already taken out medical insurance on their own, they should participate in the province's medical liability insurance after the insurance expires. The private medical institutions in the province and the military medical institutions in Gansu Province that are open to the public can refer to this "plan".

The "Programme" stipulates that we must give full play to the advantages of the province's unified insurance system, introduce a third-party mediation and treatment assistance mechanism for medical disputes, and establish a mediation channel for transferring medical disputes from the hospital to the hospital, effectively preventing problems such as doctor-patient disputes and medical compensation disputes. . Gansu Provincial Medical Liability Insurance will determine the underwriting company and premium rate through market methods such as bidding, inquiry or competitive negotiation.

The insurance premiums required to participate in medical liability insurance according to the “plan” can be shared by medical institutions and medical personnel. The part borne by the medical institution is recorded in the cost of the medical institution according to regulations, and is paid out of the operating expenses. Medical institutions are not allowed to increase medical charges due to participation in medical liability insurance and increase the burden on patients. According to their own risk status and insurance needs, medical institutions can insure insurance companies covering the province's medical liability insurance against other accidental injury insurance for medical staff, patients, and medical institutions, and accidental injury insurance for patients on the basis of insurance risk insurance coverage. Insurance and health insurance, medical institution property insurance, and other related business types, establish and improve risk management systems for medical institutions.

The “Programme” also stipulates that health administrative departments at all levels should include the medical liability insurance participation in the assessment of the construction of a safe hospital, inspections of large hospitals, and assessment of hospital grades, and be linked to the verification of medical institutions to ensure medical liability insurance. Covers all secondary (and equivalent) and above medical institutions.

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