6 citron food processing methods

Champagne, also known as scented buds, axillary buds, citron heads, is rich in nutrients. Modern medical research has confirmed that toon has a good beauty and antibacterial effect. Its processing method is as follows. 1, frozen citron. Wash the citron, dry the surface moisture, wrap it in a plastic moisturizing bag, and lower it to -35°C in 40-60 minutes. After thawing, the taste is as tasty as fresh cilantro buds. 2, fragrant pickles. Wash the citron, dry the surface moisture and add salt in a ratio of 10:1. A layer of salt on a layer of camphor, gently rubbing and turning twice a day. It will be eaten after 1 week. Dry the marinated candied pickle to the surface and then sprinkle it with 10% of its weight in vinegar and mix well. The cured pickle pickle has not been mildewed for a long time. Third, the sauce. The citron shall be washed and prepared in accordance with the proportion of 10 kg each of camphor and sugar, 2.5 kg of water and 30 g of citric acid. Put the axillary buds and water into the pot, add half of the sugar, and warm it up to soften it. Stir once, add the remaining sugar and all the citric acid and continue heating and boiling. Stir constantly until the color is even, and then cool the pan and bottling or bag by quantity. Fourth, the soy sauce. Using soy sauce to make soy sauce is similar to soya bean and other brewing processes. It has a unique fragrance, rich nutrition, and is a newly emerging soy sauce. Fifth, sweet and sour instant noodles seasoning. The washed citron was dehydrated and sliced, and an appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, etc. was added to make instant noodles seasoning. Six, citron garlic juice. Garnish the citron and garlic into a thin paste, add the appropriate amount of oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and cool boiled water to make the citron sauce.

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